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  • When using the briquetting machine, be sure to follow the safe operating procedures:
    1.Before starting the machine,conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electrical system,oil circuit system,and equipment protection devices and interlock protection devices to ensure safety and reliability.
    2.After driving,it is necessary to carry out a lot of no-load live cars for 20 minutes,and work only when the working oil temperature rises to 15~55℃.Do not start with load.

    3.When filling or discharging,do not put your hands between the upper and lower pistons to prevent crushing injuries. Driving is strictly prohibited.

    4.During the operation,always observe the oil volume,oil circuit,oil pressure,mechanical operation,etc.If any abnormality is found,it should be shut down for maintenance immediately,and no disease operation is allowed.
    5.When working,the operator must concentrate,pay attention to whether colleagues are in a safe position,coordinate the operation,and strictly prevent misoperation.
    6.Turn off the power of the equipment after work,perform maintenance on the equipment,and thoroughly clean the work site.
    Nick Balerodeon has a professional R&D,design and after-sales team.If you encounter any difficult problems during use,you can always contact us
  • The structure of the briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery This machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame assembly,cylinder assembly,gear pump,and manual reversing valve.
    1.Frame assembly:The frame is completely made of steel welded structure,with strong pressure and tensile strength,and push bags.
    2.Oil cylinder assembly:It is composed of the lower connecting plate of the oil cylinder body push rod piston sealing ring and so on.
    3.Gear pump:Standard gear pump (purchased) is used,and most of the parts are common.
    4.The distributor is also called a manual reversing valve to control the direction of hydraulic oil.
    With my country’s vigorous advocacy of innovation,the technology of the Nick Mechanical Bagging and Briquetting Machine is constantly being injected with fresh blood.This also enables the Nick Mechanical Bagging and Briquetting Machine to gradually gain experience in the development and become a bagging.A well-known brand in the briquetting machine industry.
  • Today,Nick Machinery will introduce the process of straw silage
    One,kneading action

    The rubbed straw is convenient to bale silage,improve the efficiency of fermentation and decomposition of crude fiber,increase the nutrient content,and improve the palatability;the straw silage kneading machine rubs the collected raw materials,and it uses the straws to flatten,cut and squeeze.Crushed,destroys the hard stalks on the surface of the straw,and processes the straw that cannot be directly eaten by livestock into silky forage with good palatability without losing its nutrients,which is convenient for digestion and absorption by livestock,Sheep feed intake rate reaches 100%.

    2.Bundling and wrapping
    The kneaded forage grass is quickly,uniformly and evenly fed into the working bin of the baler for compression.When the weight of each bag reaches about 80 kilograms,the signal rotates at a constant speed and the signal light will flash continuously.At this time,you can pull the winding clutch handle and feed a small amount of material at the same time. The machine starts to reciprocate winding and binding,and the winding mechanism automatically completes the binding process.When the strapping is completed and the cord is cut off,the opening handle can be activated to open the warehouse and release the bundle.The bundling process is now complete.
    After the baling is completed,the bale automatically rolls down onto the two parallel belts of the wrapping machine. Manually wrap the film for half a circle.Turn the wrapping switch to make the rotating frame drive the bale to rotate together.The stretched plastic film of the bale winds itself and completes automatically.Envelope work.When the coating work is completed and the number of coating layers is set (2 to 4 layers),it stops automatically,and then stacks neatly.
    While developing the performance of the hydraulic straw baler,Nick Machinery will also reduce the price of the straw hydraulic baler,so that customers can truly realize the convenience and benefits brought by the straw hydraulic baler when using the fully automatic waste baler.
  • straw bagging machine

    These energy crops are used as silage,etc.The silage preparation technology includes the selection of raw materials,the construction of silage facilities,and the preparation technology.Every link is very important,otherwise,high-quality silage cannot be prepared.

    1.Raw material selection.There are many raw materials for silage,and all green plants that can be used as feed can be used as raw materials for silage.However,according to the sugar content of the raw materials,the silage raw materials can be divided into three categories:

    The first category is raw materials with high sugar content that are easy to silage,such as corn stover,grasses,sweet potato seedlings,etc.Such raw materials are rich in sugar,and there is no need to add other substances with high sugar content during silage.straw bagging machine

    The second category is raw materials that have low sugar content but high feed nutritional value and are not easy to silage,such as alfalfa, sweet clover,astragalus,clover,forage soybeans and other legumes.Most of these raw materials are high-quality feeds,which should be mixed with raw materials with high sugar content such as corn stover,or added sugar by-products such as fresh beet residue and molasses.straw bagging machine
    The third category is low sugar content,low nutrient content,and poor palatability.Raw materials with high sugar content must be added to prepare medium-quality silage raw materials,such as pumpkin and watermelon.
    2.Timely harvesting is an important prerequisite for ensuring the nutritional value of green feed.Generally,gramineous forages are cut at the booting stage,and legumes are cut at the initial flowering stage.
    The above two points are the precautions for preparing high-quality silage summarized by Nick Machinery.If you encounter any difficult problems,you can always contact us

  • The processing and utilization of straw baler feed is becoming more and more important in animal husbandry
    1.Small size and large capacity.Generally,bulk grass and straw have a bulk density of 20-50 kilograms per cubic meter,and the bulk density of compressed into a block is 800-1000 kilograms per cubic meter,which is convenient for storage and transportation,and is not easy to burn.
    Under ventilated,moisture-proof and waterproof conditions,the shelf life is 2-3 years or longer.
    2.Good palatability The briquette feed has a unique and rich paste flavor,good palatability,high degree of maturation,and has a good food attractant effect.It can reduce metabolic diseases and benefit the health of livestock.

    3.Good nutritional content,high digestion and absorption rate.Generally,the crude protein of briquetting feed can reach more than 6%,which is equivalent to the nutritional level of medium forage.The feed intake rate can reach more than 99%,and the digestion and absorption rate can reach more than 60%.

    4.Less feeding loss.The loss of loose grass feeding is about 30%,the loss of bale feeding is about 15%,and the briquetting feed is less than 1%.This improves feed utilization and saves feeding costs.
    5.Convenient feeding.The briquette feed can be fed wet or dry,saving labor,labor,time,and mechanized feeding.
    6.Reduce the comprehensive utilization of polluted straw and return it to the field,realize a virtuous cycle of agriculture,reduce the use and pollution of chemical fertilizers,and improve the efficiency of the planting industry.
    Nick Machinery's continuous efforts to innovate and develop fully automatic straw hydraulic balers have produced suitable automatic straw hydraulic balers with different characteristics for major manufacturers,and continue to create more value for customers.
    For more information,please visit our website:
  • The straw baler can produce professional straw coal and straw feed,etc.It is one of the professional energy saving and environmental protection equipment.
    Among them,straw crushing is a very important link in the production of equipment,but the drying problem of the materials after crushing is also not to be underestimated.However,if the humidity is too high,the equipment will be blocked,and if the humidity is too low,it will easily cause difficult molding and serious wear on the equipment.And it is easy to cause the raw materials to be unsuccessfully formed and scattered,so you must choose a good method when drying.Here is an introduction to the professional drying methods for the raw materials of the straw forming machine,as well as the advantages and characteristics of the different drying methods.I hope it will be helpful to you:

     1.The manual drying method refers to the use of manual methods to dry the raw materials,which requires the use of certain mechanical equipment and energy.Generally,the drying machine is used to dry the raw materials.The dryer can directly adjust the moisture content of the raw materials and dry.The time is short and the drying effect is good. However,the use of this method needs to be equipped with a dryer.The manufacturer can choose according to the production conditions,but this is also a method we recommend,because this method has little restriction,fast production,and no The influence of external conditions will help production speed and efficiency.

     2.Natural drying method.Natural drying refers to crushing the raw materials and spreading them on a relatively open and sunny site for natural drying.This method is suitable for manufacturers with sites,and the cost is lower,but special personnel are required.Responsible for checking the drying conditions of raw materials.It is not easy to control the moisture of raw materials,and this method is easily restricted by climatic conditions,which will seriously affect production in bad weather.Therefore,manufacturers should choose carefully and take measures according to the time. Adjust measures to local conditions.
    The straw baler is a high-quality equipment that compresses and packs corn stalks,wheat straws,bean stalks and other crop straw wastes and branches and other raw materials for more convenient storage,and returns the straws to work and reuse.Nick Machinery has been engaged in the production and research of straw balers for more than ten years and has rich experience.Welcome to consult 86-29-86031588.For more information,please visit our
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