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  • Rags wiper baler machine is a machine which is bale rags wiper for us. 
    We alway called wiper baler, wiper baling press machine or rags packing machine, and somebody call it wiper rags bagging baler machine or many other names. Wiper rags, can be said to be in every corner of our life, every detail of life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the guest room, it is also ubiquitous from the hotel, the family to the office. 
    which line use this machine ?
    this machine main for cleanning purpose ,Such universal necessities are not afraid of many, but they are rarely paid attention to. It is obvious that the main function of the cleaning cloth is to wipe the floor or table. Therefore, all the cotton, hemp and other fabrics used to wipe the objects can be called the more information ,please visit us

  • First of all, we should first select products according to the packaging effect and the size of the package. Besides, vertical balers and horizontal balers can finish packing. So what's the difference between vertical balers and horizontal balers? 
  • Cardboard baler uses one or more metal plates and a hydraulic arm, 

    pushing the plate down on cardboard with enormous pressure. 

    Cardboard Bailer compacts the cardboard into a large, dense  rectangular or cube box which is typically held together by its own internal pressure. Then this bale is  tied with metal wire to secure it together and placed on a pallet which allows it to be moved through the use of a forklift or pallet jack.

  • Nowadays, industrial hydraulic baling press machines come in all shape and sizes, and they have all manner of characteristics depending on the type of materials which they bale. These waste compactors are generally made of steel with one or two hydraulic rams to compress the loaded material. That is why some call the baling press as hydraulic baling press, which is mainly used for compressing a volume of materials into certain shape for transportation and storage.

    Application Of Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press 
    Hydraulic baler can be used to compact various types of reusable resources and waste, such as paper, cotton, tyre, plastic, foil and cans, textile waste, natural and animal fiber, and so on.  Particularly, it is fit to bale scrap, so it can be used as scrap baling press. 
  • 1. Why use a baler?

    In order to effiectively handle your recyclable waste or resources ,like waste paper ,used clothes ,rice husk ,
    you need a baling machine to comrpess the waste materials into baler 
    neat and tidy bales not only reduce your storage space ,its also reduce
    your transportation cost because your can certainly load more cardboard bales into 
    a container or truck as comprared to the loose ones.

    2.Who use a baler?
    Shopping mails ,retails stores ,marine vessels ,need baling machine to 
    helps them compact the waste such as cartons ,cardboards ,plastic ,films
    so that they can be stored easily before selling to recycling plant ,
    corrugating and printing company ,need baling to compact the waste paper
     trims ,recycling plants needs baling machine to compact into small bales for 
    easy transportation and save cost .

    3.Where to buy a suitable baler?
    Nkbaler is baling machine manufactures for more than 15 years with CE and NK baler
    can help you narrow down which hydraulic baling presses are idea to bales the waste materiaals 
    you are handing as well as matching it to your expected output capacity ,
    you can choose our standard models and we can also provide customized baling machine.
    if not standard ,please tell us your require ,we will do a good design sulution for you .

    4.How to choose a suitbale baler?
    (1) type of materials you will be baling .
    for example ,if you need a baling press to bale plastic ,
    you should specify the exact type of plastic ,
    ie PET bottle ? HDPE containers ,plastic bags ,plastic film
    (2)bale size and output requirement ,say how many tons per days or per hour
    (3) Voltage require ,like 380v ,440v ,480v .50hz or 60hz ,
    this is all important .

  • for vertical Baler ,this is no needs.this is exporting machine with whole units ,

    when you received the machine ,only connection with power ( like 380v ),and fill the 

    hydraulic oil ( #46) with instruction manual ,it’s very simple ,

    also we can guide you how to install this machine .

    if you need our engineer to arrive to your home ,

    you need to charge the cost of hotel and tickets fees .

    also the foods as well. for horizontal baler ,

    this is needful and we would like to come for installation and training working ,

    and help to understand more skills in futures ,even after we finished work ,

    meanwhile ,you have to provide us the cost of hotel ,foods ,tickets fees and labor cost as well .

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