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The application of waste paper balers has been widely expanded
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/7/24
Waste paper hydraulic baler With the market came into being, abandoned paper products and processed waste paper box, can be recycled after processing and recycling, China is now advocating waste recycling and recycling, so the waste paper hydraulic baler Application has also attracted more and more attention.
?Waste paper hydraulic baler for all types of cartons, waste materials. Is a collection of various functions and one of the packaging equipment, it can be pressed out of the packaging shape, size, size and specifications or less.
??This can effectively reduce the cost of transport and storage time, and this also meet the needs of the use of container transport, it is because the waste paper hydraulic baler with multi-faceted, multi-application and common, can effectively waste paper hydraulic Packers are used in all walks of life to increase the importance of waste paper hydraulic balers in the industry.
??Waste paper hydraulic baler is the biggest feature of the pressure is relatively large, the current business generally used in the packer of its relatively high degree of automation, in addition to the need for feeding process, the rest of the various operations can be controlled by the program, the rigidity is relatively high. Machinable raw materials range is also relatively wide, this kind of equipment and equipment compression chamber can be designed into a drawer-type box structure, so you can also carry out a variety of large shell processing and packaging.
?I produced the waste paper hydraulic baler and the same type of foreign packer products, higher reliability, more convenient maintenance.www.nkbaler.com
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