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how about the Nick baler with Waste paper hydraulic baler pipe installation requirements
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/7/28
Waste paper hydraulic baler pipe installation requirements:
(1). Waste paper hydraulic baler installation pipe layout to be neat, tubing length should be as short as possible, the right angle of the pipeline should be as little as possible, the parallel and cross between the tubing should be more than 10mm gap. The tubing with poor rigidity should be reliably fixed. When the piping system of the waste paper hydraulic baler system is complicated, the high pressure tubing, the low pressure tubing, the oil return pipe and the suction pipe can be distinguished by different colors or numbers to facilitate installation and maintenance.
(2) flare pipe fittings with tubing end face first countersink, tubing flaring must be carried out with special tools. When using a flange connection, the flange is welded perpendicularly to the tubing centerline. Waste paper hydraulic baler the tubing joints to be fastened, sealed well, not leak.
(3) hydraulic pump suction pipe height is generally not more than 500mm. The junction of the suction line should be coated with a sealant to ensure a good seal. The return valve of the relief valve should not be close to the suction port of the pump to avoid inhalation of higher temperature oil.
(4) return pipe should be extended to the tank below the liquid level, to prevent oil splash and mixed with bubbles. The end of the oil return pipe should be machined into a 45 slope to stabilize the oil return. Where the external drain valve (such as pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, etc.), the drain port and the oil return pipe connection is not allowed to back pressure, or should be set up separate tubing.
(5)) High-pressure piping must be used in accordance with the working pressure of the selected seamless steel pipe, not allowed to use a sewn pipe or defective steel pipe instead, the pipe connection should adopt flange connection.
(6) waste paper hydraulic baler system in the main pipeline and filters, accumulators, pressure gauge, flowmeter and other auxiliary components should be free to disassemble without affecting other components. When arranging the union, make sure it is easy to disassemble and disassemble.
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