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Packing advantages of intelligent straw hydraulic baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/10/22

The development of intelligent straw hydraulic baler industry is more and more oriented towards the direction of automation and intelligentization. The intelligent straw hydraulic baler adopts hydraulic system for transmission, which has very obvious performance advantages!

Next, let the technicians of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. analyze the performance advantages of the hydraulic transmission straw hydraulic packaging for the majority of users!

First, the hydraulic transmission power is stable and high pressure

The hydraulic system of the small straw hydraulic baler can continuously and stably generate the driving force. The pressure is larger than the pneumatic transmission device, which can effectively realize the operation of low speed and large tonnage. It is a feature that other types of transmission do not have!

Second, the structure is compact

With the same power, the hydraulic system transmission is smaller and more compact, and has better performance than pneumatic transmissions!

Third, good safety performance

The safety protection work of the small waste paper baler using the hydraulic transmission device is relatively easy, and the safety threat coefficient is small during operation, which can ensure the personal safety of the users!

Fourth, the hydraulic transmission noise is small

The small straw hydraulic baler uses the hydraulic system transmission device to greatly reduce the noise. If the pneumatic transmission system is used, the system work will generate a large noise, especially when exhausting, the noise is even louder!

Intelligent straw hydraulic baler will develop more advanced in the future, high pressure, low noise, long life, high efficiency, etc. Only by continuous improvement in technology, we can gain a foothold in the straw hydraulic baler industry!if need more information ,please visit us :www.nkbaler.com 

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