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Areas of Work

NICK,Professionally manufacture hydraulic baler and shredder machines including vertical baler,vertical baling press machine,horizontal baler,horizontal baling press machine,semi-automatic baler,full-automatic hydraulic baler press.We have professional team for hydraulic compactor developing, designing,manufacturing, sales for domestic market &exporting overseas market and also supply a full series of after-service policy for our hydraulic baling press clients.
  • Why To Choose NICK Baler

    Why To Choose NICK Baler

    NICK baler is one of leading factories in China and professionally manufacture all kinds of baling press machine more than 20 years

  • How About NICK Baler Quality?

    How About NICK Baler Quality?

    NICK Baler always use particular high quality raw materials for baling press machine,unique hydraulic system for baler power,fully make sure the superior quality for our users from all over the world

  • How Does NICK Baler Recommend Suitable Baling Machine Model?

    How Does NICK Baler Recommend Suitable Baling Machine Model?

    NICK Baler has experienced sale engineers and always recommend customers most suitable baling press machine according to customer's actual request,With best efforts to help customer to get best cost performance baler press machine

  • How About NICK Baler On Global Market?

    How About NICK Baler On Global Market?

    NICK Baler had already exported high quality baling press machine with various types including vertical balers,full-automatic baling press machine,semi-auto horizontal baler compress machines to more than 60 countries such as South-East Asia,Middle-East Asia,Europe countries,Latin-American,African,etc. And always received good comments from NICK baling press customers

About NICK Baler

About NICK Baler




NICK baler manufacture and supply various kinds of hydraulic balers,such as vertical baling press,horizontal baler machine,scrap baling press machine,etc.Widely used for many kinds of wast recycling,waste paper collection,scrap plastic recycling,used cloth,scrap metal and so on.
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