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  • The hydraulic baler has been well received since it has been put into use in the Chinese market for so many years. The low-key and stable Baler effect has made many people admire it greatly. On the other hand, the development of the hydraulic baler is influenced by more and more advanced science and technology. As a result, many industries under advanced technology have begun to reform and innovate and use high-end technology to add points to their products. Hydraulic balers cannot rest on their laurels and do not seek to make progress. Otherwise, they may become more and more extinct.
    Companies that have been in and out of the market for a long time will find that competition in the modern market is becoming more and more intense. Of course, more and more homogeneous products will cause more and more competition. Competition in the hydraulic baler equipment industry is also inevitable, but competition is There is also a good side, that is, it stimulates packaging equipment manufacturers to improve the quality of hydraulic balers.
    Therefore, manufacturers of hydraulic balers are also actively looking for new ways to improve the technical content of hydraulic balers. Only by improving the quality of hydraulic balers can it better adapt to the pace of current economic development and make it more efficient. The only method used by enterprises to broaden its application areas is to continuously innovate and upgrade the quality and performance of hydraulic balers.

    Step by step steadily and steadily, today's hydraulic balers have been achieved. The current economic development is enough to make the hydraulic balers develop more actively. NICKBALER insists on putting the reform and innovation of the hydraulic balers in the first place at all times.

    NICKBALER hydraulic baler has the advantages of time saving, convenient operation, labor saving, strong bearing capacity, cost saving, stability and reliability.
  • In order to facilitate users to learn more about the automatic straw baler and improve the efficiency of the straw baler, we now introduce how to maintain the automatic straw baler for the majority of users, which can be divided into the following four points.
    1. For different load requirements, always check and adjust the pressure of the relief valve to make it just right.
    2. Reasonably choose hydraulic oil, especially oil viscosity. When conditions permit, try to use a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity friction loss.
    3. Improve the lubrication conditions of moving parts to reduce friction loss, which is conducive to reducing work load and heating.

    4. Regularly check the use of hydraulic oil in the tank, and find that the color and quality of the hydraulic oil are abnormal. Please update the hydraulic oil and clean the filter with diesel to prevent precipitation from affecting the operating stability of the hydraulic system.

    NICKBALER straw baler has the advantages of time-saving and convenient operation, labor-saving, strong carrying capacity, cost-saving, stable and reliable.
  • The hydraulic baler has been widely used in major companies since its inception. The reason why the product can quickly become popular in the industry is that the equipment adopts good technology and the packaged product has various advantages. It looks more beautiful from the outside, but also guarantees its various safety in the transportation process, followed by the fast packaging speed, which also makes it deeply loved by customers.
    The hydraulic baler truly shows its greatest value in the process of use, which is mainly reflected in the production efficiency of the hydraulic baler. Only high efficiency can create great value for the enterprise and promote the long-term development of the enterprise.

    NICKBALER hydraulic balers are of good quality and cost-effective. Although there are countless companies that produce hydraulic balers, our products are more trusted by users in all aspects of their reputation, which also makes them in the market. It is more well-known in the promotion, and it also occupies a certain position in the industry. The various advantages of the equipment in the cost performance have made it a better development market.

    NICKBALER insists on striving for survival by quality and development by prestige, enhancing its service consciousness, and continuously producing new hydraulic baler products.
  • The hydraulic baler will gradually lose its original performance during use or idling. This phenomenon is called equipment aging.
    The equipment deterioration of hydraulic baler can be divided into service deterioration, natural deterioration and catastrophic deterioration.
    Deterioration in use means that due to the adhesion of raw materials and dust pollution, the hydraulic baler equipment is worn, impacted, fatigued, damaged and deformed, causing the equipment to appear original performance.
    The deterioration of hydraulic baler equipment can also be divided into absolute deterioration and relative deterioration.
    Absolute degradation refers to the aging of equipment, that is, as time goes by, the equipment gradually wears out and gradually ages until it is scrapped.
    Relative deterioration refers to the phenomenon that the original hydraulic baler is low in performance and poor in quality compared with the new equipment, and looks outdated.

    The compensation method for equipment damage is through maintenance during use. Due to the uneven service life of equipment parts, it is of great economic significance to use maintenance methods to compensate for local defects.

    The emergence of hydraulic balers can meet the demand for energy conservation and can provide more efficient resource services for the operation of the waste recycling industry.
  • At present, although some achievements have been made in the research of garbage compressibility and garbage baler, there are still some areas that have not been studied in depth, and there are many shortcomings for urban domestic garbage baler.
    The research and development of domestic waste baler can greatly reduce waste disposal costs and improve economic efficiency, but it also faces many problems and challenges.
    Driven by the continuous development of the market economy, the market is gradually changing from seller to buyer, so companies can only continuously design and develop new products, and improve product performance according to different customer requirements.
    As far as the traditional design method of compression and Baler mechanism is concerned, there are many problems such as unreasonable design parameters and low product performance. There are also few in-depth research and analysis on the domestic waste baler. Therefore, the urban domestic waste Handling and transportation have also been greatly affected.

    Therefore, we need to develop a household waste Baler with reasonable structure, high reliability, and good environmental performance suitable for market conditions, which is the research trend.

    The NICKBALER domestic waste baler has the characteristics of stable power, simple operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.
  • With the development of the times, all walks of life have more and more requirements for packaging, and there are more requirements for packaging volume.
    Therefore, the horizontal waste paper baler is being promoted by the market. At the same time, the horizontal waste paper baler also has a broad development opportunity.
    The performance of the horizontal hydraulic baler equipment is much higher than that of the vertical hydraulic baler. The horizontal baler has a large output and a high recovery rate.
    The use of horizontal hydraulic baler can greatly reduce the volume of items, increase density, and facilitate transportation and storage. It is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.
    The horizontal hydraulic baler has simple structure and automatic operation, which can improve the efficiency of Baler and save the labor cost of Baler.

    Work efficiency is an important factor of hydraulic baler. Different types of balers, unequal output, and different standards directly determine the labor output power of the baler.

    NICKBALER automatic horizontal hydraulic baler equipment has high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.
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