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  • Cotton baler, also known as cotton hydraulic baler, has the characteristics of novel structure, high technical content, good rigidity and stability, high degree of automation, beautiful appearance and energy saving. This machine is top type, so the cotton is pollution-free. Simple oil circuit, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable. The main pressure cylinder adopts the characteristics of double-pump oil supply, large flow and quick package, etc. It is a new product that integrates mechanics, electricity and hydraulics and reaches the international advanced level.

    Its working principle is to use the brand baler technology, and it is now designed as a dual-circuit control of the whole machine, which is more stable and reliable than the previous single-circuit control performance. More smooth and stable. As a cotton baler manufacturer, we have more superior performance, more reliable quality, simpler and more convenient inspection and debugging, and the first to adopt photoelectric control for the retraction clutch. The working principle of this automatic baler is to complete the baling through tensioning, heat capacity, tape cutting and gluing. The professional factory produces a wide range of applications. No matter the size of the package, it can be baled without adjusting the machine. The cotton baler is a mechanical structure, and some imported cotton baler parts are used. The rear blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, and the price of the baler is reasonable.

    NICKBALER has rich production experience and first-class service. Using our balers can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditures. Contact for inquiries at 86-29-86031588 or
  • For straw baler equipment, market positioning is very important. Therefore, as a baler manufacturer, in order to obtain greater economic benefits, the development of baler equipment cannot rely solely on one's own wishes, but must be combined with market trends. Straw baler is the equipment developed by us according to the requirements of users. As a kind of equipment serving Sannong, the development direction of straw baler cannot follow the ideas of manufacturers, but must always be developed according to the needs of users. Only in this way can we effectively promote the improvement of straw baler technology and the expansion of the market.

    As a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic balers, NICKBALER has been focusing on the research and development and production of various straw balers since its establishment. The equipment it produces can meet market demand and win unanimous praise from users. After the test of time, the NICKBALER straw baler has been recognized by the market and has been used in the production of various industries by users. It fully demonstrates its strength in their own jobs and adds strength to the development of society.

    NICKBALER Machinery provides: straw baler, straw baling machine and other baling equipment, company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!
  • Due to the different use environments of different customers, the area will vary. Different types of waste paper balers are fixed in size and cannot be better adapted to the use environment. So which modules of the waste paper baler can be customized? Let's take a look.
    1. The size of the horizontal waste paper baler can be customized on demand. The best-selling horizontal hydraulic baler is mostly 1.1 meters long, 1.25 meters wide and 1.7 meters high.
    2. The chain plate conveyor belt can be customized, the width of the conveyor belt can be widened, and the length can be customized according to customer needs or site restrictions. The conventional transmission bandwidth is 2 meters and the length is 12 meters long.
    3. The feeding bin can be customized. The waste paper baler bin is used in conjunction with the feeding conveyor. The conveyor belt of the customized waste paper baler needs to be equipped with a custom feeding bin.

    4. The clip length of the straight-out waste paper baler can be lengthened and customized, which is convenient for customers to compress waste paper bales with larger lengths.

    The above four are common customizable modules for waste paper balers. You can explain your needs before purchasing. We will customize them according to your ideas and actual conditions. If you have other questions, please contact us. Contact our factory at 029-86031588.

  • No matter what kind of equipment it is, its work efficiency is particularly important. Users hope that their straw balers can be produced as quickly as possible to save manpower, electricity, etc., and reduce production costs. How to improve the production of straw balers efficiency? NICKBALER offers you the following suggestions:
    1. In terms of production technology, it is necessary to combine the most advanced technology to improve the straw baler equipment, strive to enhance its scientific and technological content, and further improve production efficiency.
    2. In terms of operation, it is necessary to operate according to the instructions for use of the product. The material in the material box should not exceed the load of the machine itself. Problems encountered in the production process should be solved in time to ensure that they can be used in normal production.

    3. For the daily maintenance of the product, the straw baler adopts hydraulic drive mode. Therefore, attention should be paid to the replacement of hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic components of the oil cylinder should be replaced regularly, and the maintenance of the equipment should be done well to further improve the performance of the straw baler.

    NICKBALER reminds you that in the process of using the product, you must operate in accordance with strict operating instructions, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.
  • 1. Deteriorating oil quality
    In order to improve performance, the hydraulic oil of hydraulic baler contains various additives in varying amounts and varieties, which are organic compounds. Some are hydrolyzed in water; some are normally suspended in the oil in the form of micelles, but they will precipitate when exposed to water, and some are dissolved in water and then extracted from the oil by water, which will cause the loss of additives in the hydraulic oil. This results in a corresponding decline in function.
    When the hydraulic oil contains a lot of water, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will decrease, the lubricating performance will decrease, and a continuous lubricating oil film cannot be formed in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler, which will cause wear, adhesion and metal fatigue on the moving surface, and even cause mechanical friction. , and cause oil temperature rise and mechanical damage. When the oil contains a large amount of free water, the water is not easy to be separated freely, and it is easy to generate foam. When it is mixed with the hydraulic oil, the air entering the oil tank is not easily separated, which affects the lubrication of the hydraulic oil. When the air is mixed in the oil, it enters the hydraulic system when the hydraulic baler is running. As the pressure increases and decreases, the air will also be compressed and expanded, which will cause the vibration of the hydraulic system to increase and make the whole baler. stability and security are reduced.
    2. Causes corrosion wear and rust

    After the hydraulic oil contains water, the air is partially dissolved in water, forming an oxidative and corrosive environment, and the oxides in the oil are combined with water to form acids, which further corrode and rust metal parts such as hydraulic baling oil pipes. After the metal parts in the hydraulic system are rusted, the flaking rust flows in the hydraulic system pipelines and hydraulic components, spreading and spreading, which will cause the entire system to rust and produce more flaking rust and oxides. In this way, the service life of the metal parts of the hydraulic baler is reduced, and the deterioration of the oil quality is further accelerated.

    Over the years, NICKBALER has won the love of customers with its superb technology and the recognition of users with its excellent service. We will insist on serving the society, serving the majority of users, and serving the common people all the time. Follow Nick
  • Many users do not know how to determine the frame size when buying a baler. Most users think that bigger is better. Maybe there will be larger products in the future. In theory, it is not wrong to think so, but in actual use, there are still some problems. After all, not all frame sizes can be infinitely customized. Even the sizes that can be customized have their limits. Below,NICKBALER will share with you how to determine the frame size of the baler based on his past work experience.
    There are generally two frame sizes of balers, one is the standard model, and the frame size is W800*H600mm. The other is a customized model, which can be customized according to the user's requirements. NICKBALER would like to focus on telling you about this. Customized models.
    1. It is not recommended that you customize a large frame size, but you still need to customize it according to the size of most of your products to meet most products, which can maximize the stability of the baler.
    2. Try to be compatible with most products instead of all products. If there are many types of products and the size difference is relatively large, it is recommended to be compatible with most products instead of all products, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the failure rate of the baler.

    3. You can also go to the same industry manufacturers to discuss and exchange, and you can also learn useful knowledge from it.

    NICKBALER can make your baler better and more perfect, contact us
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