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  • With the development of science and technology, the machinery and equipment of waste paper balers are constantly being updated. For example, the waste paper baler has also developed from the initial manual tightening to the semi-active baler in recent years.The fully active computer-controlled baler with active rope has quickly become the mainstream of the market, so what are the advantages?
    1. Automated production reduces many disadvantages caused by manual operations.
    2. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and compress the volume of materials to the limit.
    3. The density of the bales produced by the fully automatic baler is higher, thus saving the transportation cost.
    4. The shape of the package is more regular and beautiful, thereby enhancing the company's technical strength and corporate image.

    5. In the process of loading, unloading and transportation, it is not easy to open up, because the density of waste products packed by the hydraulic baler is high. 6. Will not pollute the environment.

    NKBALER hereby recommends that you choose a fully automatic waste paper baler, and we can be responsible for site design, installation and technical training for you free of charge. In addition, the warranty is one year, and the motor reducer and other components are guaranteed for three years,to eliminate your worries.

  • The advantages of small waste paper balers can be expressed in many ways, and products that can arouse customers' interest can be better accepted. Let's learn about the advantages of small waste paper balers! 
    The small waste paper balers are first of all cost-effective, that is, they are usually good and cheap. Not only the quality of the products is good, but the price is also affordable. The NICKBALER small waste paper balers are checked at various levels during the production process and must be carried out before leaving the factory. Commissioning work such as test machine to better guarantee the quality of the product. Secondly, it has high practicability. The small waste paper baler can process many objects, such as waste paper, cartons, fibers, plastics, etc. The finished package after the machine has a regular and beautiful shape, greatly reduces the volume and is convenient Storage and transportation, the production effect is better.

    Then it is necessary to have the advantages of simple production and convenient maintenance. This machine adopts a hydraulic system and has a relatively stable performance, which greatly reduces the troubles of customers in production.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
  • When choosing to buy a fully automatic waste paper baler, you must first understand the structure and price range of the mainstream waste paper baler in the market. Nowadays, the market has basically eliminated the spiral waste paper baler, and many balers.
    All stations use vertical waste paper balers or horizontal waste paper balers. This is the dual demand of technology development and use. Secondly, it is necessary to evaluate the three indicators of the waste paper baler, which are easy to use, applicable. Evaluate the three functional characteristics of the baler in turn, and choose the equipment that is satisfactory to you and your production.The main points of choosing a fully automatic waste paper baler
    1. Usable: A product that cannot even meet the basic functions is undoubtedly a substandard product. If it cannot be put into production and cannot create value, the equipment itself has no value in public,Among the many baler manufacturers, there are many small enterprises that use this to fill the gap and put unqualified products into the market 
    2. Usability: The usability of the waste paper baler to be evaluated, including the high efficiency of the equipment stability, low failure, long effective working time, less maintenance, etc. Such equipment can complete the workload and ensure continuous production.

    3. Applicability: That is, the most important point is the applicability of the waste paper baler. There are various types of equipment, and in many cases, one type of equipment can meet the production needs of various Baling machine stations. But the amount, In terms of baling machine raw materials, a suitable equipment is required. This can save investment and create greater benefits.

    NKBALER warmly reminds you: When purchasing a baler, you must pay attention to the above matters, it will help you avoid detours and choose your favorite baler. If you have any other questions, please come to our website for consultation
  • Vertical hydraulic balers are mainly used to recycle packaging materials and waste products such as compressed cardboard, waste film, waste paper, foam plastic, beverage cans and industrial leftovers. This vertical baler reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of stacking space, reduces transportation costs, and is beneficial to environmental protection and waste recycling.

    NKBALER provides: horizontal hydraulic baler, vertical hydraulic baler, waste paper baler and other packaging equipment, company website: Tel: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to contacting your long-term cooperation!
  • 1. The horizontal baler has good rigidity and reliability, and has a unique design
    2. The actual operation and maintenance are convenient, safety, environmental protection and energy saving, and the investment cost of equipment infrastructure projects is low.

    3. The horizontal baler has been widely used for the baler supply of loose materials such as waste paper, hemp, grass, plastic film, etc., saving storage and loading and unloading costs.

    Nick Machinery's automatic horizontal baler equipment has high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.
  • Hydraulic oil has a great influence on the hydraulic baler, so many customers have already damaged the baler when they find that the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, so how often does the hydraulic baler replace the hydraulic pressure?
    What about oil? Let's take a look.
    1. The quality requirements of the hydraulic oil, the service life of the hydraulic baler is directly related to the quality of the hydraulic oil. It is necessary to select the hydraulic oil whose quality meets the standard certification. The viscosity index of this hydraulic oil is 40~100.Stable, the same brand of hydraulic oil must be used when replacing;
    2. Hydraulic oil viscosity requirements, anti-wear hydraulic oil has N32HL, N46HL, N68HL, metal baler can choose N46HLN68 anti-wear hydraulic oil for long-term continuous work;
    3. Dynamic viscosity is an index reflecting the fluidity of hydraulic oil, and it is the force required to generate a unit flow rate with a unit area liquid layer per unit distance.
    4. The service life of hydraulic oil is about two years, and changes in climate and temperature or working environment will reduce the service life of hydraulic oil;
    5. The selection of the filter element will also affect the hydraulic oil, and it is recommended to replace it once every 500 hours of operation;
    6. All disassembled oil pipes must be sealed. When the O-ring is connected, apply thread sealant to the thread surface to prevent leakage.

    The hydraulic baler can be replaced according to the working time of 500h or 2 years according to the time, but if the working environment is bad, the replacement cycle needs to be shortened.

    The fully automatic hydraulic charter machine produced by NKBALER has simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. You are welcome to come and buy
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