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  • Iron barrel flattening machine (also called iron barrel compressor, iron barrel compression baler) refers to a compressor that flattens various metal containers/iron barrels through powerful hydraulic compression force. Whether you have only a few barrels a week or a few hundred barrels a day, the Nick flattening machine has a model suitable for you.
    Our iron barrel flattening machine can produce 60-70 iron barrels per hour (the maximum size of iron barrel is 220L). The maximum pressure of the machine is about 40 tons. Like other vertical balers, this machine only needs one person to operate and it works efficiently.
    If you need to dispose of used empty oil drums, then this oil drum squeezing machine can help you greatly save space and reduce volume. Imagine the volume difference between the squashed oil drum and the empty oil drum, and you can know how this squeezer reduces your transportation costs and recycling costs.
    Flattening machine application: steel oil drums, steel paint drums, or other types of metal drums
    Product advantages of iron barrel flattening machine:
    Long stroke
    High compression rate, can make the barrel flatter and reduce the space occupied by your waste
    Spikes on the pressure plate
    During the compression process, it is used to pierce the barrel and release the air inside, making the compression more efficient and safer.
    Liquid drainage channel
    It can effectively discharge the liquid remaining in the empty barrel, which is very suitable for those barrels with liquid in the empty barrel that need to be processed.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic machinery and equipment. Contact us to inform you of your waste recycling and packaging needs. We can tailor-made a packaging machine that fully meets the requirements.

  • Coir is a filamentous substance extracted from the husk of coconuts, which is compressed into bundles after high-temperature sterilization and cleaning. The characteristics of coconut palm: brown silk color is slightly reddish in yellow. It is a pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly pure natural product that has been sterilized by high temperature and passed the inspection and quarantine of the State Commodity Inspection Department. It is used to make seat cushions, mattresses and other materials, which can be used alone or mixed with other materials as needed.
    Coconut palm is a natural health care product that has moisture-proof, breathable and antibacterial effects. The coconut palm seat cushion has the advantages of breathability, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, insect-proof, and non-sultry heat. It has a longer service life and is harmless and non-irritating to the human body.
    Coir is mainly used in the production and processing of palm mat. Other applications are generally used in: cushions, mattresses (pads, flower basket cushions, coconut chaff, etc.), sofas, coconut palm carvings, etc.
    The recycling of coconut palm has also become a problem. The items are loose and fluffy, the storage area is large, the transportation is inconvenient, and the labor input is large. The coconut palm baler produced by Nick Machinery just solves one of the problems. It compresses and packs loose items such as coconut palm, brown silk, fiber, flax, etc. through hydraulic drive, which reduces the floor space, reduces transportation costs, and reduces labor input ,Improved work efficiency.

    The coconut palm baler of Nick Machinery is simple in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, safe and reliable. Welcome new and old friends to visit and purchase

  • 1. Check before operating the machine: it is strictly forbidden to operate the machine platform with hard objects under the pressure plate or around the pressure plate, and it is strictly forbidden to start the machine if there is any abnormality, such as oil leakage, loose screws, etc.
    2. When pressing the pressure plate and lowering the control lever, the hand cannot leave the control lever, and the control lever must be stopped if there is an abnormality in the pressure plate.
    3. When adding waste paper, try to ensure that there is as much waste paper around the waste paper box, so that the grass can ensure the force balance when the pressure plate is pressed down.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the high position mark when the pressure plate is raised. When the pressure plate is pressed down, stop the operating rod when the sound of the hydraulic cylinder is loud.
    5. If the machine is not operated for a long time, the main power must be cut off.

    Nick Machinery reminds you that you must operate the equipment strictly in accordance with the operating instructions, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

  • 1. Metal recycling industry. Metal scrap can be squeezed and packed to reduce storage space, and block metal packaging is convenient for handling.
    2. Scrap car dismantling industry. Scrap cars can be cut and squeezed.
    3. Metal casting and smelting industry. Scrap metal scraps, metal shavings and metal shavings can be packaged.
    4. Hardware industry. Scrap metal products can be squeezed and packaged for easy recycling.
    5. Mechanical processing industry. Baler and compacting metal materials such as scrap, fragments, powder, etc., are of great help to the workshop environment, waste recycling and human resources.

    Nick Machinery's metal Baler machine has a wide range of applications, simple operation, good packaging effect, neat and beautiful packaging, and high density.

  • The finished straw baler can provide raw materials for the power supply plant. The straw baler is simply too powerful. The bundles of wheat straw can not only be sold for money, but also are easy to transport. The most important thing is to solve the trouble for farming. In the wheat field, farmers chased the Baler with their mobile phones and rushed to take pictures. Looking at the small straw baler equipment with a diameter of about 1.25 meters and a height of about 1.5 meters, the onlookers continued to praise them. A villager told reporters that in order not to affect farming, most of them burned the wheat straw on the spot. Now some merchants directly enter the fields and use machinery to bundle and purchase the wheat straw, which has solved a big problem for them. Subsequently, the straw bundled by the straw baler can be sold to the power supply manufacturer, which directly fires power generation and heat supply.
    It is understood that the cogeneration project is invested and constructed by an energy-saving and environmental protection technology company. The straw and straw direct combustion power generation and heating project is a green new energy project that the country encourages the development of where local crop straw and agricultural and forestry waste are used as fuel for power generation and heating. , Is a biomass-fueled project and a cogeneration project. It has two-way energy saving and environmental protection. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 520,000 tons throughout the year, while reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and reducing air pollution. Effectively improve the local atmospheric environment.
    Make the straw baler into straw and make good use of it, so that the peasants' pockets will bulge. The construction of the combined heat and power project has turned agricultural and forestry biomass resources into treasure. The mechanized straw balers can also greatly improve the efficiency of collection operations, solve the employment of farmers, increase farmers' income, and achieve multi-win social benefits.

    If you need straw to leave the field, it is best to transport it after Baling. This saves cost and labor. You can choose the straw baler of Nick Machinery, which has stable performance and easy installation. Welcome to buy:

  • 1. The rail steel bag outlet, fully automatic microcomputer control electric box, can realize automatic feeding, automatic pressing and automatic out of the bag, which effectively saves labor costs.
    2. Remote control of the electric box, simple and convenient operation, remote control is also possible. You can choose the control method according to your own habits.
    3. 4-layer steel wire high pressure tubing, the tubing is wear-resistant, high-density, and thick-walled to ensure no oil spray or oil leakage during work.
    5. Brand high pressure plunger pump, Zhenke high pressure plunger pump, high efficiency, low noise and high quality. The flow part from the inlet to the outlet of the oil pump is made of cast iron. The pump body is non-corrosive and anti-wear hydraulic oil medium.

    Details determine success or failure. Nick Machinery always takes quality as the core, pays attention to details, and creates high-quality, high-brand good equipment. 

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