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  • The difference between the high end and the bottom end of the straw hydraulic baler is the failure rate in the later use process. The configuration equipment of the high-end straw hydraulic baler has better performance and lower failure rate in the later use. Of course, the price of the high-end configuration will be higher. The difference in service. With the globalization of the economy, when people buy goods, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the goods themselves, the emphasis on services cannot be ignored. Many companies fail to go because most of them cannot keep up with the service. Losing the trust of customers is no exception to the manufacturers of straw hydraulic balers.

    Do not replace the parts on the straw hydraulic baler machine at will. If there is a need to replace the parts on the straw hydraulic baler, we must have professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance, not blind maintenance. The main components should always be lubricated with oil.

    If the packaging is not in place, it may cause rust and corrosion of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that when the automatic straw hydraulic baler is packaged, a wrapping film can be wrapped on the surface of the machine, and the price is not expensive, but it plays a role. Waterproof and dustproof effect, killing two birds with one stone.

    Followed by a variety of spare parts. After exporting to foreign countries, it is far away from the waters of the mountains. Once the equipment fails, the country is far from being able to hydrolyze the thirst. Therefore, foreign customers must be reminded to equip them with some fragile accessories. When problems occur, they can be replaced in time to avoid production problems caused by equipment failure. Loss. The last is the outer packaging. Exported goods can be packaged in fumigation-free wooden boxes and cartons.
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  • In China, the overall technology of waste paper hydraulic balers is still not perfect, but the market demand for waste paper balers in China is very large. We are striving to develop high-end products, which greatly promotes the development of waste paper hydraulic balers technology.

     It also promoted the continuous self-innovation of production companies and greatly changed the backward business philosophy. Therefore, the prospects for the future development of China's waste paper hydraulic baler industry are very optimistic. The baler industry in China will stand at the front end of the world packaging industry in the near future.

    Waste paper hydraulic balers have been well-received for many years in our country's market. 

    The low-key and steady baling effect has made many people greatly appreciate it, but on the other hand, the development of waste paper hydraulic balers is increasingly advanced. With the influence of science and technology, many industries under advanced science and technology have begun to reform and innovate and use high-end technology to add points for goods.

    Waste paper hydraulic balers cannot be self-restrained and do not seek advancement. In that case, they may become more and more demise. We have succeeded in achieving today's waste paper hydraulic balers step by step. The current economic development is enough to allow waste paper hydraulic balers. With more active development, we have been very supportive of the development of China's waste paper hydraulic balers. At any time, we have always insisted on the development of reform and innovation of waste paper hydraulic balers on the development of the first.

    Therefore, packaging equipment manufacturers have also begun to actively seek new ways to improve the technical content of waste paper hydraulic balers. Only by improving the quality of waste paper hydraulic balers can it be better adapted to the current pace of economic development in order to make it The only way to expand the scope of its applications for more businesses is to continuously innovate the quality and performance of waste paper hydraulic balers.
  • What problems in today's society are most valued by the masses is undoubtedly the problem of environmental protection. The same is true for straw hydraulic baler companies. Our fully automatic straw hydraulic baler manufacturers should start from their own and carry out the sustainability of our company. development strategy! Environmental issues, not only the top leaders of the country attach great importance to this issue, but also the people of the masses are beginning to pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues.
    In order to create a good production environment, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a new model of green manufacturing and production, and strives to create a new straw hydraulic baler production line to improve the competitiveness of our fully automatic straw hydraulic baler products in the market. Of course, these are inseparable from the management of our own company!

    At present, green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing model that considers environmental impact and resource efficiency. The main purpose is to minimize the environmental impact of production and processing and product use, and maximize resource more information ,please visit us :  

  •  In recent years, the number of users purchasing straw hydraulic balers has increased rapidly. High-quality straw hydraulic balers are particularly popular. In addition to being supported by China's policies, they are also closely related to the gradual maturity of China's overall biomass energy utilization technology. Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. straw hydraulic baler has a good application, so there is a good market demand. In particular, the NKB240 and NKB280 straw balers are used in the market, and the market demand has driven the market of straw hydraulic balers. For users who purchase straw hydraulic balers, quality is the most concerned issue for users. Therefore, manufacturers can only occupy the market better by producing high-quality straw hydraulic balers. Quality is king.
    With the development and popularity of the Internet, people's buying habits have undergone certain changes. When you buy a thing, you will check it online now. For example, buy a straw hydraulic packaging opportunity to find some enterprise information online. In response to this situation, many companies have begun to promote the network. Network promotion is no stranger to everyone, mainly through a variety of means of the Internet to carry out a promotion and other activities to enhance product visibility. Sales in the store is a relatively traditional way of selling. With the rise of the Internet, it has gradually been replaced. Some manufacturers even set up multiple websites to increase market share. For straw hydraulic balers, quality is the king.
        However, in the long run, the straw hydraulic baler that sells well does not necessarily perform well. Whether the manufacturer can successfully sell the straw hydraulic baler, the final factor of quality is relatively large. If the quality is not good, it takes a lot of effort, so that many users go to the site to inspect, but can not sell the equipment, just doing nothing. Therefore, for straw hydraulic balers, quality is king. Good straw hydraulic baler, you can talk.

  • What to pay attention to when using a plastic bottle baler: 

    1. Do not pass your head through the runway of the belt during operation. 

    2. Do not touch the heater directly with your hand. 

    3. Do not stick oil to the surface of the belt roller. 

    4. Do not replace the parts on the machine at will. 

    5. Remember to unplug the power when the machine is not in use. 

    6. The main parts should be lubricated with oil frequently. 

    7. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine, do not insert the wrong power supply. 

    This machine adopts three-phase four-wire system. The flower line is grounded neutral line for leakage protection. 

    8. Do not rinse the machine with water. When the workplace is wet, the operator should not work barefoot. 

    9. When the machine is not in use, please take the tape in the storage bin back to the reel to avoid deformation when using it next time.

  • Waste paper balers are mainly used in plastics factories, hardware factories, printing factories, and horizontal paper balers. The old materials recycling is suitable for the packaging and recycling of old materials, waste paper, plastics, etc. It is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save manpower. Good equipment to reduce transportation costs. Below are tips on the maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic waste paper baler. The paper baler is the recommended equipment maintenance method for the hydraulic waste paper baler. The hydraulic waste paper baler is easy to operate and has a superior cost performance, which is accepted by more and more enterprises. How much do you know about the equipment of the waste paper baler? According to the prospects of progress in the times, many technological products have been upgraded and developed. Straw has a strong environmental pollution. The horizontal plastic bottle baler/straw baler and the new straw baler can pack straw, new environmental protection equipment straw baler straw and other crops into bundles for transportation and storage. It is a new type of environmental protection. device. This problem is very serious under high temperature and high pressure, but it may occur even under less severe working conditions. The study also provides some guidelines for how hydraulic balers can avoid this problem. In the actual purchase of the automatic baler, we must pay attention to many problems. The horizontal plastic bottle baler/straw baler is used when selecting the waste paper baler.
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