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  • With the continuous acceleration of the pace of reform and opening up, the domestic economy is also developing at an amazing speed. The waste paper packaging machinery industry has also benefited from the improvement of the economic situation and has developed well.
    The domestic semi-automatic waste paper baler industry started late, but the speed of development is amazing. This is partly due to the rapid development of the domestic economy, which has a lot to do with the huge consumer market behind the domestic 1.4 billion population.
    As a kind of mechanical equipment, the hydraulic baler has a long life cycle under normal use. This has also caused the market’s demand for waste paper balers to be greatly reduced after a round of sales explosion period. The sales of Baler machine manufacturers have brought great suffering, and have also caused a great increase in the pressure on the production and inventory of the enterprises.

    As far as the current situation is concerned, the contradiction between supply and demand in the waste paper baler market is still worsening, production capacity cannot be effectively controlled, and sales cannot start. If effective capacity structure adjustments are not made, the industry is in a downturn. The degree will be significantly worse than expected.

    Based on the development needs of customers, NICKBALER continues to provide economical and practical first-class products and efficient and complete after-sales service, and develop together with new and old users.
  • Gantry shears can be used in the metal recycling industry as well as processing equipment in the foundry. Its advantages and characteristics are very obvious:
    1. Gantry shearing machine is different from traditional shearing equipment. It uses a hydraulic transmission system to ensure the advantages of light weight and low noise of the equipment itself, and it is very convenient to use.
    2. The gantry shearing machine is equipped with multiple parts. These parts have their own unique uses. They can also easily deal with materials of different shapes and sizes. When purchasing equipment, you can choose according to your own The needs are equipped with different parts.
    3. Under normal circumstances, the gantry shearing machine is equipped with five stations and consists of two hydraulic workstations. Each station can operate independently, and there is no need to debug the equipment during use.
    4. The body material of the gantry shearing machine is processed by high temperature quenching. These materials are welded by welding technology. The body has high rigidity due to the effect of the quenching process, and the tool itself has been specially processed. The service life is greatly enhanced.

    The gantry shear itself has good durability, and often does not require too much maintenance work, but daily lubrication and cleaning still need to be done.

    NICKBALER is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment, with excellent product quality and better after-sales service, serving customers in many ways.
  • As everyone’s concept of environmental protection has become heavier, the term waste paper baler has become less and less familiar to everyone, but many people have not mastered the waste paper baler too much.
     The actual operation of the waste paper baler is very simple, even if you have not received professional training, you can quickly get started. All models are hydraulically driven, and you can choose manual or PLC automatic control system for actual operation.
    Its distinctive automatic strapping equipment is fast, and its compressed specifications and bale specifications can also be customized according to their own requirements.
    The installation of waste paper baler is also very convenient, it further improves everyone's labor productivity, reduces labor efficiency, saves human resources, and reduces transportation costs.
    In addition, the equipment failure rate of the waste paper baler during the actual operation is also very low, even if it encounters a problem, it can be easily handled.

    The waste paper baler has played a key role in the packaging and compression process of waste paper, cotton wool, chemical fiber, wool lint, etc.

    NICKBALER has a group of R&D teams with strong technical force and experienced after-sales service team, committed to escorting your normal production.
  • The straw processed by the corn straw baler machine has the following characteristics:
    First: it can increase the animal's absorption of feed
    Second: It is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation, can make full use of its carrying capacity, save labor and improve transportation efficiency, and at the same time solve the problems in the transportation process: high or Disadvantages of UWB.
    Third,The corn straw Baling Press machine is composed of transmission mechanism, picking mechanism, raking mechanism, piston punching mechanism, knotting mechanism and other departments.

    Fourth, if you want to make full use of the corn straw packaging machine, you must understand the principle of the packaging machine in real time.

    If you want to understand the principle of the packaging machine, you can choose Nick Machinery.NKBALER specializes in providing a full range of hydraulic baler machinery options to meet your scrap recycling needs, our website is

  • First: the packaged object is basically in the middle of the baler, first the right top body rises, the front end of the belt is pressed, and the belt is tightened and tied to the object, then the left top body rises, presses the appropriate position of the lower belt, and the heating plate extends into In the middle of the two straps, the middle top knife rises, cuts the straps, and then sends the next Baling Machine strap to the position to complete a working cycle.
    Second: a baler is a machine that uses a strap to wrap around a product or package, then tighten and melt the ends by thermal effect or use materials such as buckles.

    Third: The function of the baler is to make the plastic tape stick to the surface of the bundled package.

    NKBALER brand hydraulic baler is a professional company engaged in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.

  • 1. Different Baling Machine methods: automatic Baling Machine is automatic Baling Machine, automatic threading and stranding, semi-automatic Baling Machine is manual Baling Machine, and the performance is more stable.
    2. Different applications: The automatic baler is mainly used for Baling Machine waste paper, carton leftovers, waste books, plastic films, straws and other loose materials. Semi-automatic Baling Machine is mainly used for Baling Machine loose objects such as plastic films, plastic bottles, plastic baskets, sponges, etc.

    3. Different prices: The price of automatic balers is more expensive, almost twice that of semi-automatic balers. for reference only.

    NKBALER specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic balers to compress and pack waste into compact bales that are small in size and easy to handle. We can customize a baler that meets your baling needs at a reasonable price according to your needs.
    Please contact us if you need .
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