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  • The reasons for the oil leakage problem of the hydraulic baler can be started from the following aspects. The absolute pressure of the liquid in the hydraulic baler oil tank must be equal to or greater than the atmospheric pressure. This is the external condition that the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler can absorb the oil. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal oil absorption of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler, the oil tank must be connected to the atmosphere, or a closed gram pressure oil tank must be used.
    1. The system pressure is adjusted too high, causing the seal or the sealing surface to leak. Appropriately reduce the pressure of the hydraulic system of the straw baler, but still adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system to the specified range according to the requirements of the machine manual, and do not adjust it too high.
    2. There is leakage in the valve. The reason is that the spool valve of the straw baler increases the gap. At this time, the body hole of the valve should be ground, and the gap should be matched according to the actual size of the valve body hole.

    3. Seal leakage. The damage and aging of the seals of the hydraulic baler make the seal poor. At this time, these broken seals should be replaced in time. When the directional seals are installed in the wrong direction, they should be reinstalled.

    The above are some points summed up by NKBALER through more than ten years of experience. If you still do not understand, you can always call our after-sales telephone consultation 86-29-86031588,

  • When the hydraulic baler has no pressure, we first check whether there is enough hydraulic oil, and secondly, what is the pressure of the pressure valve? Usually around 20.
    The inspection idea is as follows:
    1. Check the oil level in the fuel tank to ensure that the oil level is sufficient.
    2. Check whether the direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the oil pump.
    3. Check the pressure regulating valve on the reversing valve.
    4. Check whether the oil circuit is clean and clean the oil circuit.

    5. Check whether the oil cylinder sealing ring is in good condition.

    NKBALER has been engaged in the production and research of automatic hydraulic balers for more than ten years, which has created the innovation and replacement of NKBALER's automatic hydraulic baler technology, and has achieved the recognition and consensus of batches of new and old customers. Welcome to inquire 86-29- 86031588.
  • If a horizontal baler wants to have a development trend of long-term benefits, it must first ensure the quality of the horizontal baler. Therefore, quality is a prerequisite for the development trend, The development of horizontal balers has always paid attention to the quality of horizontal balers, the quality of horizontal balers, and independent innovation.
    The horizontal baler belongs to a green and environmental protection horizontal baler, which not only shows the necessity of solving the waste and recycled resources, but also shows the solution of the horizontal baler work ability. The production of horizontal balers not only promotes the development trend of waste straw regeneration resources, but also drives the development trend of machinery manufacturing.
    In most of the horizontal baler manufacturers, or using the old production method, not only the rapid rate is not high, but also the environmental pollution of the natural environment is very high.
    Big. However, Nick Machinery's horizontal baler can change this situation. After the horizontal baler is equipped in the production line, it will improve the overall production capacity. 

    Packaging technology with rapid rate technology content. The horizontal hydraulic baler has the purpose of reducing the transportation volume, saving the freight, and increasing the benefits for the enterprise.

    NKBALER is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Our website is, welcome your visit!
  • 1.The motor of the hydraulic baler should use a copper core motor. At this stage, most of the hydraulic baler products are dominated by three-phase electricity, so the motor can provide Pre-driving force can also improve equipment characteristics and reduce manufacturing troubles.
    2.The selection of bad steel for hydraulic balers, because the vast majority of hydraulic balers are made of bad steel butt-welded, therefore, standard bad steel should be selected and then manufactured During the process, attention should be paid to the production process.
    3. At the level of hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps and automatic control system spare parts, the hydraulic baler selects the standard models and specifications of large factories as much as possible to prevent inconvenience.
    4. The transmission chain is selected with high quality, and the hydraulic baler increases the service life of the conveyor belt service platform.

    5. The quality of key construction machinery parts should be ensured.Nowadays, the hydraulic baler has become a perfect packaging machine and equipment, and is widely used in the environmental protection industry, which can effectively reduce air pollution,Optimize the environment.

    NKBALER is determined to provide high-quality automatic horizontal baler products for the majority of demand groups, always adhere to the principles of integrity and reciprocity, and insist on using sincere service to fight Move customers and look forward to cooperating with you! Hotline 86-29-86031588

  • First, the corn straw baler adopts the synchronous symmetrical mechanical design of double pressure rollers, which has strong equipment stability and low failure rate.
    Second, improve the design of the mold, the wear of the pressure roller is synchronized, and the gap adjustment is convenient, which can prolong the service life of the core components, meet the needs of long-term uninterrupted production, and reduce maintenance costs.
    Third, the structure is simple, which is convenient for maintenance and repair; the maintenance bracket is designed in the middle, which is convenient for the maintenance of the whole machine.
    Fourth, increase the useful counterweight to make the operation more stable, anti-stuffing, and no noise.

    Fifth, the anti-stuffing machine active control equipment of the feeding system can adjust the feeding according to the current change, so as to avoid the occurrence of the stuffy machine and make the production more worry-free.

    NKBALER has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact baling effect, high density and good air permeability. Our website is can also call our hotline number 86-29-86031588. NKBALER sincerely welcomes you.

  • Although the development time of hydraulic baler industry in China is not too long, due to the wide application range of small waste paper baler and the strong support of the market, in just a few years, it has achieved breakthrough progress. Its application fields, equipment The types and technologies have been fully explored.
    In order for the small waste paper baler industry to have a further development, reform and innovation and broadening the market are the only way to go.
    NICKBALER is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in building small waste paper balers. In today's rapidly rising economy, it strives to enhance its own strength, expand the market, and provide favorable conditions for the long-term development of the small waste paper baler industry.
    The small waste paper baler is developed by our accumulated research and development strength for more than ten years, spent a lot of money, and integrated market demand. Its appearance has made a huge contribution to the development of the domestic waste industry.

    The application range of small waste paper baler has made breakthrough progress. This is what we are very happy to see and we are proud of.

    The emergence of waste paper balers has brought convenience to the owners of Baler stations and many industries, not only greatly saving space, but also saving a lot of human resources.
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