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  • Metal Baling Machine is a kind of scrap metal recycling equipment. Now there are many domestic manufacturers with different strength and service quality. Generally, the warranty period of domestically purchased Metal Baling Machine is one year, and the manufacturer will provide maintenance and repair free of charge within one year. After the warranty period, the manufacturer will solve the problem, but the service is paid. Metal Baling Machines have a certain service life, and manufacturers will not always provide free services. If we want to make our equipment last longer, we need to pay more attention to the strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment when we choose to buy equipment. And the quality of after-sales service of the manufacturer, after the normal production of the equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, so as to avoid the occurrence of failures. We can't decide the length of the warranty period of the Metal Baling machine, but we can take measures to improve the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

    Choosing NICKBALER hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system and servo system control, is the best choice for you to solve and recycle waste.
  • Although there are different models of waste paper balers, MSW Baler Machine speed is limited by many factors. Only by knowing these factors can we use the baler correctly and
    Improve Baling Machine speed.
    1. The speed of the hydraulic cylinder movement
    2. The height of the hopper
    3. The length of the hopper
    4. The effect of the program on the packaging speed

    5. Human Factors

    NICKBALER reminds you: during work, be sure to abide by the safety system to operate. If you want to master more skills and maintenance knowledge about waste paper baler, please contact us

  • The scrap car baler is suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, etc. can be extruded into rectangular, cylindrical, octagonal and other shapes of qualified charge to reduce transportation and torch costs.
    It has the functions of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon, and is used to compress the car shell of the scrapped car, which is convenient for transportation and improves the furnace rate. The waste car baler equipment is mainly composed of the following components:
    1. Compression chamber
    2. Compression door system
    3. Siemens motor and electrical system
    4. Hydraulic grab
    5. Rack
    6. Hydraulic drive

    7. Oil cylinder

    NICKBALER waste car baler has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, long use time and high work efficiency.

  • The straw baler series has brought convenience to our life. With the gradual flow of straw baler series equipment into people's daily life, people's living standards have been improved to a certain extent, and as a favorite straw baler The series of equipment has made more efforts to follow the progress of the times and shine more in the development of the market. This gives people more convenience in their lives. The development of the market is to better serve the needs of consumers. The progress of the times has made people's lives more improved, and constantly endowed people with higher living conditions. The continuous efforts of straw baler series products have achieved The good response of the market, the help it brings to people's life has been affirmed, and it has been continuously loved by consumers. With the progress of the times, the series of hydraulic balers have increased in strength, bringing more convenience to people. No matter what kind of development it is, the straw baler has made some progress, bringing people more and more surprises. In the future development of the times, I hope it will bring people more convenient conditions and work hard to move forward. The progress of the packaging industry has brought some changes and progress in people's lives, constantly giving people more colors of life, and with the development of science and technology, high and new technologies have also been applied to straw baler products, making it more More strength to bring people a new chapter of life and lead people to move forward further.

    NICKBALER straw baler has reasonable planning, takes up small space, and is in line with the concept of environmental protection. It is your ideal choice. NICK hopes to cooperate with you and contribute to environmental protection together.
  • The hydraulic oil system of a large waste paper baler directly determines the running performance of the machine. A high-quality waste paper baler has the following requirements for the hydraulic oil system:
    1. The oil quality of the hydraulic oil is very important. If the oil with too much viscosity is misused, the hydraulic pressure loss of the waste paper baler will be too large. Generally, manufacturers will provide customers with standard hydraulic oil free of charge when they sell the machine.
    2. Oil temperature control, if the oil temperature is too high, the oil leakage of the waste paper baler will be more serious. If the pressure of the oil pump is adjusted too high, the wear of the moving parts will cause the sealing gap to increase continuously, and the sealing device will be damaged.
    3. The unloading circuit of the oil circuit design should be smooth. There is no unloading circuit in the system or the unloading circuit does not work well. When the waste paper baler system does not need to pressurize the oil, the oil is still within the working pressure set by the overflow valve. Underflow to tank or downstream to tank in environments with high unloading pressures. To check whether the unloading circuit is
    Normal waste paper baler and take corresponding measures to eliminate it.

    4. The system cooling system, poor heat dissipation, insufficient heat dissipation area of the fuel tank, too little oil storage in the fuel tank, resulting in too fast oil circulation, poor cooling effect of the waste paper baler cooler, such as failure of cooling water supply or failure of electric fans, surrounding High ambient temperature is the cause of poor heat dissipation.

    Follow NICKBALER, you can learn more skills and tips
  • We all advocate environmental protection now, and are aware of the importance of the environment to our human beings, and waste tires are industrial hazardous solid wastes, which will deteriorate the natural environment, destroy vegetation growth, and affect human health. Waste tires are polymer materials, and their macromolecules should be decomposed to the extent that they do not affect the growth of plants in the soil.
    The usual methods of dealing with solid waste are landfill, burning, etc., which are not applicable to waste tires, because it takes hundreds of years, it can be described as "stubborn", if burned, the smoke and carbon monoxide released by it will seriously Air pollution affects human health. More and more waste tires are piled up in the open air for a long time,not only takes up a lot of land, but also easily breeds mosquitoes and spreads diseases after being exposed to the sun and rain. In addition, it is easy to cause fires.

    The most economical use of waste tires is to retread or make reclaimed rubber. These do not leave the tire baler. The tire baler can compress waste tires, reduce the space of waste tires, and facilitate storage and utilization.

    NICKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production of balers. The NKOT series of balers produced by it, with hydraulic door opening, double-cylinder compression, manual valve operation, are stable and reliable. If you want to know more, please consult
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