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  • Many times when we use a hydraulic baler, we will find that the adhesiveness of the hydraulic baler just bought is obviously better than that of the hydraulic baler after a period of use.
    So how to improve the adhesiveness of this hydraulic baler that has been used for a long time or after a period of use? Next, Shaanxi Nick will introduce a few ways to improve adhesion.
    1. Check whether the temperature adjustment rotary button is not suitable. It is recommended not to adjust too much. Generally speaking, between 4 and 5 of the scale line can meet the requirements.

    2. Check if it is a heater problem. If there is a problem with the heater, you can solve the problem according to the instructions on the hydraulic baler equipment. If you can't solve the problem by yourself, you can also call the supplier and let a professional guide us through it.

    3. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal. If it is not normal, this situation may also occur. Check whether the voltage is the voltage that the machine should use, generally 220 volts.
    4. The middle cutter spring of the packer is fatigued. This is one of the common reasons. Users should learn to judge for themselves whether this is the case. If this is the case, it is necessary to suspend the packer device for a while, or directly replace the spring.
    5. Check whether the position of the ironing head of the equipment is wrong, and manually adjust its correct position. Generally speaking, it needs to be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.
    The above are the methods that Shaanxi Nick introduced how to improve the adhesion of the hydraulic baler. In fact, there are many problems in our lives that can be solved by ourselves. Not all of them need to be repaired by specialized maintenance personnel.
  • Waste paper balers play an extremely important role in the waste paper recycling industry. Because there are many manufacturers of waste paper balers, each manufacturer has different design schemes and different materials, so the performance of the waste paper balers produced is not All the same.
    For waste paper packaging stations, good quality is extremely important, but the packaging speed of waste paper packaging machines is also extremely important, because the packaging speed of waste paper packaging machines directly affects the cost of packaging. So, what are the factors that affect the packaging speed of the waste paper baler?
    The following is a brief introduction by Shaanxi Nick, the waste paper baler.

    1. The speed of hydraulic cylinder movement

    The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler needs to move many times to make a bale. Therefore, the speed of the hydraulic cylinder has the most direct effect on the baling speed. This requires matching hydraulic pumps with appropriate flow according to the size of the hydraulic cylinder, including valve blocks and pipelines with matching diameters.
    With a reasonable hydraulic transmission system, the speed of the hydraulic cylinder can be achieved very well under the premise of ensuring the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder.
    2. The height of the hopper
    The lower hopper with a high size stores relatively more waste paper. It can fill the compression chamber of the main engine at one time each time the hydraulic cylinder is retracted into place. The length of one molding is long, and the hopper with a lower size has less storage. The short time increases the number of round trips of the hydraulic cylinder,
    Therefore, the packing speed of the hopper with high size is relatively fast.
    3. The length of the lower hopper
    The length of the hopper determines the amount of material in the baler, and the amount of material each time determines the number of round trips of the hydraulic cylinder to hit a bag. Short material opening, less one-time extrusion and short molding length, the hydraulic cylinder has more reciprocating times, and the packing speed will be slow;
    The material under the length of the material port is extruded once and the length is longer, the number of times the hydraulic cylinder goes back and forth is less, and the packaging speed is much faster.
    4. The influence of the program on the packaging speed
    Some waste paper baler programs do that, no matter how much waste paper is in the host, the next compression will start immediately. This only increases the frequency of a single bale backlog, but greatly affects the speed.

    In some programs, only the waste paper in the hopper is full and the meeting starts the next compression action. Although the hydraulic cylinder does not work frequently, the length of each compression block is longer, and the packaging speed is not only slower but faster.

    The last thing to say is that the factors affecting the packaging speed of the waste paper baler are not single, whether it is the speed of the hydraulic cylinder, the length and height of the hopper, or the program. It requires many aspects to complement each other to make the baler reach its full potential .
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  • Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the waste paper baler in different seasons. The weather is warm in spring and summer, and the maintenance work of the waste paper baler is very different from the maintenance work in the severe cold weather in winter. of.
    Since many friends now use waste paper balers in winter, the next waste paper baler manufacturer Shaanxi Nick will introduce to you about the maintenance of waste paper baler equipment in winter.
    In winter, due to the sudden drop in temperature and the cold weather, it is often difficult to start the engine of the equipment. The cooling water and electrolyte are very easy to freeze, so be careful.
    At the same time, due to dry weather and other reasons, it may cause serious parts loss and fuel consumption will increase significantly. Customers must take necessary maintenance measures before the winter.

    The cooling system in the working process of the waste paper baler can not be used, in order to prevent the temperature from being reduced, the water freezes and the equipment is damaged by freezing. The water needs to be released. If the daily workload is very heavy, you can add water on the same day. Discharge the cooling water after finishing the work every day.

    If it is working indoors, it is not necessary to release the cooling water if the temperature can be guaranteed not to freeze.
    In addition, in the use of hydraulic oil, some low-quality hydraulic oils cannot function well in winter. This is the reason why our waste paper baler manufacturers have always recommended customers to choose wear-resistant high-quality hydraulic oil.
    If there is a problem with the hydraulic oil, it will affect the performance of the waste paper baler, and seriously affect the internal components of the equipment. In particular, the hydraulic oil must be changed frequently in winter.
    It is best to use a low-viscosity oil to maintain its fluidity at low temperatures. At the same time, lubricants should also be used in winter, which is very important.
    The above are some of the maintenance tips of waste paper baler manufacturer Shaanxi Nick on the use of waste paper baler in winter. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
  • Waste paper balers have brought great convenience to people’s lives. Large-scale equipment like this requires regular maintenance and the selection of some related components, such as the use of hydraulic oil for waste paper balers. The paper baler manufacturers come to have a look.
    First, you need to observe the appearance of the oil. The appearance and color of different types of oil will be different. If the oil is lighter, it means that it is a light distillate and a highly refined oil;
    If the oil is darker in color, it means that the oil is mostly residual oil residue, is not highly refined, or is a heavy fraction.

    Secondly, you can pour the oil into a transparent glass bottle and shake it to observe its thickness. At the same time, look at the phenomenon of the oil film hanging on the bottle and the rate of bubble generation and disappearance, so that different grades of oil can be distinguished.

    Oil with low viscosity produces a lot of bubbles, rises quickly and disappears quickly, and has less oil film; oil with high viscosity, produces less bubbles, rises slowly and disappears slowly, and has a lot of oil film. .
    That is, the smell of each oil is different, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, alcohol, and so on. If the oil smells a bit sour, it means that it contains additives; if the oil smells of alcohol, then alcohol must be added.
    The choice of hydraulic oil for the waste paper baler directly affects the convenience, control performance and low failure rate of the waste paper baler control system. It also determines the operating efficiency of the waste paper baler, the failure rate and service life of the cylinder.
    So in order to ensure the production of waste paper baler, we must use high-quality and authentic waste paper baler hydraulic oil.
  • 1. Precautions during the installation of the hydraulic oil pump of the industrial waste paper baler

    With the increasingly severe domestic natural environment and the stricter requirements for ecological and environmental protection, papermaking raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. China's waste paper recycling and reuse industry shows a good industry development trend. The environmental protection and energy saving industry will finally usher in a bright future.
    Today, the waste paper baler manufacturer will share the precautions during the installation of the hydraulic oil pump of the industrial waste paper baler for everyone. I hope it can help you.
    1. The pros and cons of the installation and use of the hydraulic oil pump have a very important impact on the stable operation and service life of the pump. Therefore, the installation, calibration and operation must be carried out carefully and not rashly.

    The support frame or base of the hydraulic oil pump must be strong and stable, and the pump shaft of the hydraulic oil pump must be well aligned with the motor.

    2. The installation relative height, length and pipe diameter of the suction pipe of the hydraulic oil pump should meet the calculated value, strive to be short and reduce unnecessary losses; and ensure that the pump does not exceed its allowable cavitation allowance during operation.
    The inner diameter of the suction pipe should not be lower than the specified requirements. The suction pipe should not be too long. The 90-degree bend should not exceed two. If it is connected to the inlet of the hydraulic pump with a soft short connection, the hydraulic pump should be installed at a relative height so that the hydraulic oil can flow by itself. The suction port of the oil pump is suitable.
    3. The suction and discharge pipes of the hydraulic oil pump should have support frames, which are not allowed to bear the load of the pipes.
    4. The place where the hydraulic oil pump is installed should be spacious enough to facilitate maintenance and operation.
    The above are the precautions in the installation process of the hydraulic oil pump of the waste paper baler. For the future, the waste paper recycling industry will surely become a sword in the paper industry. Manufacturing new paper from waste paper has become a global demand.
    Facing the world’s second largest consumer of paper and paper products and the largest net importer of international paper trade, China’s paper consumption is still growing, and the waste paper recycling industry is critical to China’s sustainable development and environmental protection.
    Will make a huge contribution. Therefore, the waste paper recycling industry is bound to become a key national support project in the near future. The development prospects of China's waste paper recycling industry are broad. The future of the waste paper baler industry is also very bright.

  • How to use the waste paper baler to be more standardized?
    1. Before use, you need to make necessary adjustments, including: the adjustment of the rope winding mechanism, the height of the picker, the gap between the picker and the feeding roller, the tightness of the bale, etc., and check whether the operation of each part is normal. If there is any abnormality, it should be shut down for maintenance;
    2. When the hydraulic pipe of the waste paper baler is connected to the tractor hydraulic output, it is forbidden to plug and unplug the oil pipe when the hydraulic oil pipe is under pressure;
    3. In the process of use, how to strictly prohibit the picker's elastic teeth to rake the waste paper baler;
    4. In case of blockage during operation, turn off the engine and cut off the power before clearing it;

    5. In repair and maintenance, the use is more standardized? The power output of the engine must be cut off. Waste paper baler manufacturers

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