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  • Success comes from persistence, and it is the unremitting efforts of the semi-automatic hydraulic baler that made it today's achievements.
    If you want to succeed, you must not be afraid of failure. In the face of market pressure, the semi-automatic hydraulic baler never shrinks and actively meets the challenge.
    The semi-automatic hydraulic baler is like the industry's "confidant". After understanding the needs of the market and customer requirements, it continues to provide high-quality equipment. In the process of manufacturing and research, more consideration is given to the benefits to customers.
    The semi-automatic hydraulic baler has a wide range of functions. It saves time and effort when packaging. It is a good helper for enterprises. The performance of the semi-automatic hydraulic baler is stable. The packaging design also adds fashionable elements, making the whole model look less monotonous.
    With the rapid development of the market, there are more and more needs for the development of the market economy, so the quality requirements of the products are gradually improved, and the performance is also very demanding. It can be seen how the performance of the equipment is for the semi-automatic hydraulic baler. Important, because this is the foundation of the company's survival.

    Different futures create different semi-automatic hydraulic balers. In the past few years, NICKBALER has led the semi-automatic hydraulic balers to look forward, grasp the development direction of the market, determine the goals, and actively develop new products independently to meet the development and compliance of the market. The trend of the times.

    NICKBALER is mainly engaged in hydraulic machinery such as fully automatic and semi-automatic hydraulic balers, straw balers, etc. The development of the company always puts quality and reputation in the first place.
  • If the development of waste paper baler reaches a bottleneck period, how to do the innovation of waste paper baler?
    Waste paper baler manufacturers need to make progress fundamentally. They need good ideas, reliable technology, and strong strength. Therefore, leading companies in the waste paper baler industry need to lead by example and have a good impact on the development of equipment.
    In the next waste paper baler industry, in addition to not being able to stand still, it also needs to continuously introduce advanced technology and cultivate and develop high-tech talents to make achievements for the design and research and development of waste paper baler.
    In the process of economic development, waste paper balers have gradually faded out of people's vision, and some packaging machinery companies are unwilling to involve too many projects involving the production and research and development of waste paper balers.
    Due to the existence of these phenomena, the waste paper baler has appeared at a loss. In the current situation of the prosperous development of various packaging equipment, the waste paper baler has such a negative impact, and it is indeed necessary to solve the fundamental problem.
    The reason for this is that it has an indispensable relationship with the application of waste paper balers. Due to application limitations, it is only used in a part of the production of enterprises without opening up a broader market, which hinders development.

    The reason for this is related to the unobvious advancement of the equipment and the lack of certain waste paper baler innovation. If the scope of adaptation can be increased and there are breakthroughs in technology, then the application market will be increased and more will be obtained. Business.

    NICKBALER keeps abreast of market development trends, improves technical capabilities, enhances innovation capabilities, and strives to introduce more baler equipment that meets social needs.
  • Recently, a customer called to ask how to solve the problem of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler. Today, let’s learn about the solution to the failure of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler.
    The piston rod of the buffer cylinder of the waste paper baler does not extend. After analysis, it can be seen that there are two main solutions:
    (1) Eliminate blockage;
    (2) Add an extra thrust to the piston rod to prevent the damping hole at the end of the cylinder from being blocked and the thrust is not enough. The blockage is mainly caused by impurities in the hydraulic oil.
    The easily damaged seal ring in the buffer cylinder of the waste paper baler is the dynamic seal and the dust ring in the cylinder end cover, but the dynamic seal is more easily damaged.

    From the perspective of seal damage, there are two main reasons for seal damage. One is the problem of assembly, and the other is the problem of sealing material.

    NICKBALER hydraulic waste paper baler has the characteristics of high Baler density, beautiful bag shape, easy installation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

  • With the rapid development of the packaging industry, maintaining a steady increase in the sales of waste paper box Balers has become the top priority of waste paper Baler manufacturers.
    From which three aspects should manufacturers increase the steady increase in sales of waste carton Balers?
    1. Continuously develop and research new and highly automated waste paper baler products, which are similar to the development of the enterprise. Only by constantly seeking new and good products can the company’s waste paper box baler products be promoted to At the forefront of the market, in this way can we have an absolute advantage in market competition and win more new customers.
    2. First of all, we should analyze the current waste paper box baler market and make a correct judgment on the market situation. Only by providing customers with cost-effective and high-quality waste paper box baler equipment can they continue to be favored by consumers , The sales market will be stable, and the growth rate will be likely to remain stable.
    3. Improve the pre-sales and after-sales service of the Baler. After-sales service is also one of the necessary means for enterprises to compete now. It is a very effective way to maintain the corporate brand effect. This will not only greatly increase the corporate reputation, but also give us A more scientific sales method has been established, and a good reputation is an intangible asset of the company.

    Therefore, if you want to keep the economic growth of the baler industry stable, only one or two efforts will not work. We must start from multiple perspectives.

    NICKBALER waste paper box baler button centralized control, can realize a variety of working methods, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation of the machine.
  • The hydraulic baler is mainly used for the compression and Baler of waste paper, straw, bark, cotton and other loose materials, which can reduce manpower and material resources and improve transportation efficiency and work efficiency.
    From the perspective of improving work efficiency, the hydraulic baler system alarm is only a warning to the operator, and the control system does not have other actions.
    There are generally two alarm devices: one is the indicator light installed on the console, which will flash when alarming; the other is the sound and light alarm, if no one is at the console, the alarm can let the staff get the alarm in time information.

    According to the analysis, the external input terminal wiring diagram of the hydraulic baler is shown in the figure. The function of the input point is to receive the switch signal of the sensor and some emergency alarm signals.

    NICKBALER hydraulic baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, which can reduce labor expenditure and improve work efficiency.
  • The application of technology is very important to the development of the entire baler industry. Without technology, there is no baler today, let alone the future. Manufacturers attach great importance to technology and have been trying new packaging technologies to achieve a better future for the baler. Provide flexible and intelligent packaging related equipment for major industries.
    The improvement of the economic level is stimulating the development of major industries. The production and manufacturing of the hydraulic packaging machinery industry is closely related to the development of the times. An era has the characteristics and needs of an era. Today, all major recycling industries are pursuing high-quality Hydraulic baler, which stimulates and supervises the development of domestic baler manufacturing industry.
    Nowadays, all major industries in China prefer more intelligent equipment. The automation level of the hydraulic baler manufactured by NICKBALER has been improved. The flexibility of the whole machine allows the baler to achieve higher value!

    The hydraulic baler parts manufactured by NICKBALER have a certain versatility. Many equipments use the same parts. Maintenance and equipment improvement are more convenient and flexible. They are very popular in the current hydraulic baler market. The equipment, exquisitely shaped and moderately priced, is a device that everyone can accept.

    NICKBALER supplies all kinds of high-end hydraulic balers all year round to provide good help for companies in need.
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