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  • The hydraulic waste paper baler is specially used for the recovery and compression of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose materials.
    During the maintenance of a NKW60Q hydraulic waste paper baler, Nick Machinery’s after-sales service found that the cylinder liner of the diesel engine, especially its thrust side, had honeycomb-shaped holes.

    When the hydraulic valve was in the distribution room,it was found that the mating surface became black with scratches and small pits,which is a phenomenon of cavitation.

    Cavitation occurs because when the oil pressure is lower than the oil-gas separation pressure,the gas dissolved in the oil will form a ‘cavity’ in the oil.When the pressure reaches a certain value again,These bubbles burst immediately under the action of pressure,resulting in high temperature and high pressure.When they act on the surface of the part,the part will be damaged.Due to the high precision of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic waste paper baler and the small fit gap between the relative moving parts,the mating surface will become black and even small pits will appear after the cavitation occurs,which will cause the Min core to jam and the pressure will be out of adjustment.
    When the cavitation of the cylinder liner is heavier,the damaged area will appear deep and irregularly shaped dents,as if the surface of the cylinder liner has been corroded by strong acid;when the cavitation is more serious,four points will penetrate the cylinder liner wall.
    The cooling liquid in the machine body enters the cylinder,causing serious engine accidents.When cavitation is combined with other types of corrosion,the damage rate will increase exponentially or even dozens of times.
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  • Today,I will introduce the working process of the travel switch and displacement sensor in the waste paper baler:

    During the operation of the waste paper baler,the component that has the ability to "perceive" objects approaching it-displacement sensor,uses the sensitive characteristic of the displacement sensor to approach the object to achieve the purpose of controlling the switch on or off.When an object moves to displacement When the sensor is close to a certain distance,the displacement sensor will "sense" and the switch will act. This distance is usually called the "detection distance",but the detection distance of different proximity switches is also different.The closing of the door is achieved by the proximity switch to close the hydraulic door.

    Summary:The application of the travel switch in the waste paper baler is to start and stop the movement of the oil cylinder.The displacement sensor opens and closes the hydraulic door in the waste paper baler,so the travel switch and the displacement sensor are in The waste paper baler has an indispensable role.
    In today's society,the economy is developing rapidly,and every industry is developing fiercely.The waste paper baler market is a good market,and the intelligent waste paper baler will be the most important development.
  • What factors determine the fuel tank capacity? Hydraulic metal baler

    The size of the oil tank capacity is related to factors such as the temperature rise of the oil in the working cycle of the hydraulic system,the fluctuation of the liquid level in operation,the oil filling of the pipeline and the actuator during debugging and maintenance,the circulating oil volume,and the life of the hydraulic oil.The capacity of the fuel tank can be calculated according to the empirical formula,but for the sake of reliability,a fuel tank with a slightly larger capacity should be selected within the range of the mechanism's capacity.

    The top structure of the fuel tank depends on the components installed on it.For example,if the hydraulic pump is arranged below the liquid level inside the tank,the top of the tank should be or should have a removable cover.All openings such as box lids and pipe outlets must be properly sealed.When installing the hydraulic pump set on the top of the tank,the thickness of the top plate should be four times the thickness of the side plate to avoid vibration.Vibration isolation pads should be installed between the hydraulic pump set and the top of the box.In order to facilitate the layout and maintenance,sometimes the oil return filter installed on the top of the tank is used.
    The fuel tank of Nick Machinery adopts certain components installed on the top of the tank,so the thickness of the top plate should be strengthened,and there is also an oil return filter on the top of the tank,which is convenient for layout and maintenance.

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  • Today,I will talk about the issues that you should pay attention to when adjusting pressure:
    1.It is not allowed to adjust the working pressure of the system when the actuator is in motion.
    2.Before adjusting the pressure,check whether the pressure gauge of the hydraulic baler is abnormal.If there is any abnormality,adjust the pressure after the pressure gauge is replaced.No pressure gauge system is not allowed to adjust pressure.

    3.In the process of pressure adjustment,there may be no pressure in the system of the hydraulic baler or the pressure rise cannot reach the adjusted value.At this time,the pump should be stopped and checked carefully,and the adjustment should be continued after troubleshooting.The reason must be rigid adjustment.

    4.The size of the pressure adjustment is adjusted according to the design requirements or the pressure value required by the actual use,and should not exceed the specified pressure value.
    5.After pressure adjustment,the adjustment screw should be locked to prevent loosening.
    When adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic metal baler during operation,pay close attention to the operating state of the hydraulic pump during this process,whether there is abnormal noise or vibration,and check whether all parts leak after the pressure rises.Turn off the motor immediately and proceed.
    After the pressure adjustment is completed,the actuators of the hydraulic baler should move quickly in the full stroke,the gas accumulated in the system can be eliminated,and the performance of reversing and switching can be judged.The smoothness of the movement can be observed when moving at low speed.Check whether the actions of the hydraulic baler's actuators conform to the designed sequence and whether the actions are coordinated.
  • How to maintain the bearings of the scrap aluminum and copper baler

    Many users' aluminum and copper balers have been used for a long time and have not been well maintained.They are not repaired until a problem occurs,which causes a great loss of mechanical performance.Many customers don’t know how to clean and maintain the bearing of the briquetting press roller.First, open the press roll and remove the bearing.Use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the sludge on the bearing.This is a mechanical maintenance problem.When maintaining the bearing of the press roller of the briquetting machine,install the bearing back to the press roll and evenly apply high temperature resistant grease.When purchasing the metal baler,the engineer of Nick Machinery will explain it,and finally install the bearing cover.The bearings of various briquetting presses have always been cleaned and maintained in this way,that is,they should be opened and cleaned every once in a while after use,which can extend the service life of the scrap aluminum and copper baler.

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  • Because the raw materials of the waste paper compacting baling Machine are light in weight and small in size,the equipment is often covered with a layer of waste during the use of the equipment.Therefore,we will clean and maintain the important parts of the waste paper compacting baling Machine every once in a while.Let's talk about it for everyone
    How to clean the skateboard part of the waste paper compacting baling Machine.The sliding plate of the waste paper compacting baling Machine must be precisely matched with the left and right guide rails,and the sliding movement in front of the sliding plate must be maintained smoothly. Cleaning and maintenance need to do the following:
    1.Remove the tension spring under the skateboard.
    2.Move the slide plate backward and take it out.
    3.Wipe clean the sliding plate and the grooves of the left and right guide rails.
    4.Install the slide plate between the left and right guide rails and pull up the spring.

    5.Move the slide plate back and forth to see if it is smooth.If you need to adjust the right guide rail,adjust the left guide rail.

    6.Add a little sewing oil or lighter lubricating oil between the gap between the sliding plate and the left and right guide rails.
    7.If the skateboard can move freely, but still cannot return:Check if the tension spring is fatigued,if so,replace it or cut it shorter.
    The series of waste paper compacting baling Machines produced by Nick Baler include: semi-automatic waste paper compacting baling Machines,automatic waste paper compacting baling Machines,horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machines,small horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machines,etc.They can also be customized according to customers' intentions. , 
    Nick Baler product always has a suitable one for you,you are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.
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