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  • How to plan the installation layout of the automatic waste paper compacting baling Machine? Fully automatic waste paper compacting baling Machines generally need to consider the overall planning of the four aspects of the field:
    1.The installation location of the packer.
    2.The storage area of waste paper before packing.
    3.The storage area of waste paper after packing.
    4.Overall planning of artificial abortion in freight logistics.

    Advantages of this layout:

    1.The waste paper before packing is distributed in the packing station.
    Since the waste paper is usually all trucks or tricycles of stockholders when the waste paper is sent in,the car is exquisite and has strong maneuverability.It can turn around and turn around in the courtyard,which is conducive to centralizing the placement of scattered paper and reducing the occupation Ground.
    2.The automatic waste paper compacting baling Machine is placed at the other corner of the inside.
    Once the compacting baling Machine is placed,it is not easy to move again,so it is placed in the corner to reduce the area.The other is placed with the waste paper before baling,which is conducive to grabbing the car lining,reducing the scope of the car grabbing theme and increasing work efficacy.
    3.Place the packed waste paper near the entrance.
    If you have any questions about the installation layout,you can call our consultation phone and let our professionals answer your questions: 86-29-86031588.

  • The function of the electromagnetic relay of the waste paper packer is to assume the operating hinge of the electric control cabinet and the waste paper packer.The relay of the waste paper baler plays a vital role in the application and development of the waste paper baler.

    Electromagnetic relay is an important part of automatic control circuit device.They are essentially switches controlled by electromagnets,and their functions are similar to switches in circuits:

    1.Use low voltage and weak current to control high voltage and high current.
    2.Realize remote control and automatic control.As long as a certain voltage is applied to the two ends of the coil,a certain current will flow in the coil,thereby generating an electromagnetic effect,and the armature will overcome the return spring under the action of electromagnetic attraction.
    The pulling force is attracted to the iron core,thereby driving the movable contact and the stationary contact (normally open contact) of the armature.
    Nick mechanical pressing technology and finishing technology have reached the international advanced level.Our company can provide a complete set of technologies from raw material formulation,compression molding,heat treatment and finishing.Welcome to our company website
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fuel tank design of the waste paper baler?
    1.The distance between the suction pipe and the return pipe should be as far as possible.Separate the suction side from the return side with a partition to improve the cleanliness of the oil in the fuel tank.

    2.A coarse filter should be installed at the inlet of the suction pipe.When the liquid level is low,the filter and return pipe end should be immersed in oil to prevent the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler from sucking in air or returning the oil to the bubbles.

    The return pipe port is cut at 45° and faces the tank wall.The distance between the pipe end and the bottom of the box and the wall should not be less than three times the pipe diameter.
    3.In order to prevent dust from entering the waste paper baler,the fuel tank cap and nozzle should be properly sealed.A filter should be added to the oiler.The vent must be equipped with an air filter.
    Nick Machinery's continuous innovation and development of waste paper balers have produced suitable waste paper balers with different characteristics for major manufacturers.
  • The shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling companies,scrap steel mills,smelting and foundry companies to perform cold shearing on various shapes of steel and various metal structures to add qualified charge.The operation method is as follows:
    1.Wear tight-fitting protective clothing before operating the hydraulic shearing machine.The cuffs should be fastened.The hem of the jacket cannot be opened.It is not allowed to wear,take off,or wrap the cloth around the machine to prevent the machine from being twisted.Safety helmets must be worn,braids should be put into the hat,no skirts,slippers.
    2.The operator of hydraulic shearing machine must be familiar with the main structure,performance and use method of hydraulic shearing machine.

    3.The hydraulic shearing machine is suitable for cutting various steel plates,copper plates,aluminum plates and non-metallic material plates whose material thickness is the rated value of the shearing machine,and it must be a material without hard marks,welding slag,slag inclusion,and welding seam.Excessive thickness is not allowed.
    Nick plate shears are recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs and are trustworthy.

  • Iron scraps,aluminum scraps,copper scraps,abrasive scraps,stainless steel scraps,and steel scraps are all called metal scraps.So how are metal scraps produced?They are scraps,shavings,and leftovers produced from machined metal,all of which are scrap metal.After the chips are produced,the workers usually push the materials in trolleys and stack them together.After a certain amount,the recyclers collect the chips and the company can also get a part of the profits.The disadvantage of the stacked chips is that the metal chips are piled together,and the cutting fluid in the metal chips cannot be well arranged,resulting in all the ground,which has a great impact on the workshop environment.

    Nick metal chip briquetting machine can solve this situation from the root cause.Metal shavings briquetting machine,processing iron shavings,aluminum shavings,stainless steel shavings,copper shavings,squeezing hair-like balls or fingernail-like granules into round cakes,one is to reduce the stacking volume of chips,The second is to improve the workshop environment,the metal chip briquetting machine complete system is equipped with a waste liquid collection device,through the secondary filtration,so that your waste cutting oil can be placed on the ground,the cutting liquid can also be reused.
    Nick brand metal briquetting machine is easy to operate,safe and energy-saving,and is your best helper.

  • Each era has corresponding products or technologies,such as yellow storage straw baler equipment.The replacement of the yellow storage straw baler is very fast.When the equipment was first developed,the equipment at that time was different from the current equipment,and there were deficiencies in both technology and design.When the yellow storage straw baler first came out,it was mainly a vertical structure,which has a small workload and troublesome operation.At that time,this kind of yellow storage straw balers could already meet production needs.
    The current yellow storage straw baler has undergone many technical follow-ups,and has made continuous progress in both design and manufacturing.The mainstream equipment on the market now is a yellow storage straw baler,which can be equipped with different pressures according to production needs,and the bale size is adjustable.The weight of each package is large,the package shape is neat and clean,and the density is so on.Save a lot of costs in transportation.

    So far,the yellow storage straw baler equipment has gone through several different development stages.This is mainly driven by production needs for its development.Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.

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