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  • The horizontal waste paper baler electro-hydraulic servo valve plays a control role in the horizontal hydraulic baler. The electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the horizontal waste paper baler. It has a small size, less space, and less pipelines, which is convenient for centralized operation. Of course, it also has some shortcomings, such as complex preset manufacturing, difficult to repair, difficult to modify, cannot be used in general purpose, and can only be used in a dedicated system. The use of electro-hydraulic servo valve for horizontal waste paper baler is more suitable and has broad prospects.
    Electro-hydraulic servo valves are more accurate than proportional valves. It is used in horizontal waste paper baler equipment to control displacement, speed, force and pressure, etc., and can achieve extremely high accuracy. It can convert weak electrical signals into high-power hydraulic energy (flow, pressure) output. In the past, this kind of valve was mostly used in national defense technology, now it is also used in various industrial sectors.
    The electro-hydraulic servo valve of the horizontal waste paper baler has not been widely used. The main reason is that it is not familiar with its theory and performance, and its cost is high, and it needs to be equipped with sensors, amplifiers and other devices, but this type of device does not yet have matching Supply, which also limits its use. However, with the improvement of the technical level and the perfection of the supporting equipment, the servo valve will play a great role in the application of the horizontal waste paper baler.

    Choose Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste

  • 1. For soft goods, the hydraulic baler can compress fabrics, woven bags, waste paper, clothing and other fabrics to greatly reduce the volume, so that more goods can be loaded in a certain transportation space, so as to achieve Reduce the number of transportations, save transportation costs, and increase benefits for enterprises.
    2. The working purpose of the hydraulic baler is suitable for all kinds of goods such as waste plastic film, waste plastic agricultural film, greenhouse film, plastic bottles, waste paper, discarded old cartons, clothes, etc., which need to be reduced and squeezed into blocks. To reduce transportation costs. According to your actual situation, you can contact the manufacturer to design and customize the size of the feeding box and the shape and size of the bale. Moreover, the operation mode of each hydraulic baler has manual and PLC automatic control operation, which is convenient for users to choose by themselves.
    3. The hydraulic baler is a special machine for packaging tons of bags, waste paper, plastic woven bags, jumbo bags, circular mesh bags, cotton yarn, cloth, etc. It is not only suitable for large-scale plastic woven bag factories and waste paper recycling plants, but also more suitable for general small and medium-sized weaving industries. This machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient and simple operation, high pressure, firm packaging, and labor and time saving.
    Hydraulic baler performance
    1. With hydraulic drive, manual or PLC control operation can be selected independently;
    2. There is no need for foot screws for installation, and the machine can be used after it is installed on a flat ground and adjusted to a good level. Due to its own reasons, there is no electricity to choose and you can customize the diesel engine;
    3. This product can compress and pack the recycled materials in large batches, which is fast and simple;
    4. The body is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel, and the compression chamber and the front feed gate are equipped with wear-resistant steel plates to ensure durability;
    5. The size of the feeding box and the shape and size of the block can be designed and customized according to the customer's raw material specifications.
    6. After the bulk materials are packed and processed, they are compressed into blocks, which greatly saves the manpower and material resources and reduces transportation costs;

    The hydraulic balers series produced by Nickel include: semi-automatic balers, full-automatic balers, horizontal balers, small vertical balers, etc. They can also be customized according to the customer’s intentions. Nick’s products are always suitable for you. , You are welcome to call 86-29-86031588

  • Horizontal waste paper baler is mainly divided into semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler, automatic horizontal waste paper baler, manual horizontal waste paper baler; currently horizontal waste paper baler uses hydraulic power mode, so We sometimes call it a hydraulic horizontal waste paper baler.
    First of all, the horizontal waste paper baler increases the production volume and can guarantee the volume demand. Compared with the vertical structure, the Bailer volume is large and convenient. And now the horizontal waste paper baler realizes the automatic control of conveying and Bailer, saving manpower. After years of attempts, the current semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler has been more advanced in technology. The use of PLC program automatic control technology has greatly improved the production and packaging efficiency, and the need for labor is decreasing, and at least one person can complete the packaging work.
    Secondly, the structural design and production process of the horizontal waste paper baler. The power system is hydraulically driven and divided into different types of pressure, mainly for different material characteristics. For example, the pressure required to hit ordinary waste paper and cartons, plastic bottles, etc. are different. The horizontal structure baler weighs more than ten tons, which shows the demand standard for steel in the production process.

    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste.

  • The main advantages of the clothing baler equipment: compact package, neat and beautiful, can greatly reduce transportation costs, is a necessary production tool for cotton producing areas, textile companies, supermarkets, clothing factories, waste materials recycling industry and various other light industrial enterprises.
    Main frame system: high-quality thick steel plate, gas-shielded and welded casting, sturdy frame, advanced Machinery design makes the equipment durable.
    Hydraulic system: Imported parts are used for key components such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the Bailer pressure high, fast, durable and low noise.
    The clothing baler is specialized in the packaging and processing of clothing factories, clothing and textiles. The clothing products are loose and soft. The clothing baler can also be used to pack any loose materials. The main frame of the clothing baler is made of thick steel plate. The solid frame of gas shielded welding and advanced Machinery design makes the equipment durable. Generally, four balers share one hydraulic station and one fuel tank. Each Baler is equipped with a hydraulic pump set (consisting of one auxiliary pump, one low-pressure pump, and one high-pressure pump). The main hydraulic system and several auxiliary hydraulic systems are composed of three hydraulic cylinders and four hydraulic motors.

    The clothing baler produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. In order to have a better market

  • In fact, most textile and clothing waste comes from household sources, the retail industry, the clothing manufacturing process, and yarn and fabric manufacturers further promote the accumulation of textile waste. This type of waste is called post-industrial waste. Then, looking for a small garment Bailer machine can solve these problems, the characteristics of the garment Bailer machine:
    1. The machine uses a vertical frame, which can be compressed and packaged appropriately;
    2. It is equipped with control buttons, which makes the operation more convenient and safer;
    3. It adopts special hydraulic system and is durable.
    The advantage of the clothing baler is the recycling of textiles and clothing.
    1. Reduce the need for landfill space.
    2. Reduce pressure on native resources.
    3. Encourage the development of other markets.
    4. The result of reducing pollution and saving energy.

    The garment baler produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and reasonable price. If you want to know more detailed parameters of the garment baler, please pay attention to

  • The marine balers produced by Nick Machinery cover a wide range and are suitable for the processing and production of various enterprises. The process of the marine baler is too concentrated, and the structure of the marine baler is complicated, the reliability is also reduced, and maintenance and adjustment are difficult. Therefore, the process concentration of the marine baler should be just right. In the case of excessive concentration, it should be distributed to several stations, and each station of the marine baler only completes a part of the original process operation, so that the process time can be reduced and the productivity can be improved.
    In the same marine baler station or the same packaging machine, the marine baler completes the packaging of several items at the same time, which can also improve productivity. Some of the ship Baler operations can be realized during the transfer process.
    The timely exchange of information on the marine balers can save time and expense, and it is also easier to standardize the marine balers industry. At present, the speed of upgrading marine balers is very fast. This is the development trend of marine balers, which can promote the development of related industries. When developing product functions, marine baler companies should constantly update their quality and technology to adapt to the current trend of customizing marine balers.

    Nick Machinery specializes in the production and sales of various types of marine balers. New and old customers are welcome to come and buy.

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