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  • The metal baler can squeeze various metal raw materials into qualified materials. The necessary equipment for the recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry of this equipment is introduced in detail below.
    1. Extrusion of waste metal raw materials
    The metal baler can squeeze scrap metal raw materials into qualified materials, such as squeezed waste oil drums, squeezed metal scraps, squeezed steel scrap, squeezed steel shavings, squeezed copper scrap, squeezed scrap iron, and squeezed aluminum scrap , Extrusion disassembled car shells, extruded aluminum shavings and other waste metal raw materials, after extrusion, the waste metal raw materials become qualified charge.
    2. Facilitate the recycling of scrap metal materials
    The shape of the waste material after extrusion is of different shapes such as a cylinder or a rectangular parallelepiped. It is convenient for the storage and transportation of materials or the recycling and reuse of materials. Metal balers are used in metal smelting industry and recycling processing industry. If there is a demand for this equipment, choose products from reputable manufacturers.

    If you need to recycle or dispose of scrap metal, please contact us, and we will recommend you the most suitable packaging solution to turn your scrap metal into treasure.

  • For an enterprise, nothing is more important than cost savings. So how can we save labor and produce efficiently, it must be with the help of equipment. Metal baler is a cost-saving equipment.
    From a big point of view, only a one-time purchase is required, and the packaging work can be completed efficiently by consuming electric power. This way, a piece of equipment can not only replace multiple labor costs, but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging. No one can dare to get the speed of a metal baler, so this kind of equipment must be a good helper for the enterprise and can save most of the cost.
    From a small point of view, such equipment does not occupy a large area, and it is very convenient to use a conveyor belt to connect to other equipment. After one year, the total output value will definitely double or even double. If your company also has one or more metal balers, you can definitely solve the cost fundamentally and improve the efficiency of packaging.

    Nick Mechanical Metal Baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment basic engineering. You are welcome to come and buy:

  • The hydraulic gantry shear is a kind of renewable resource environmental protection equipment. It ensures that no pollution will occur during the production and processing of renewable resources. The so-called customization means that it can be targeted according to the actual needs and requirements of users. Design a set of exclusive hydraulic shear equipment for users separately, so that users can better use.
    Gantry shearing machine is a necessary mechanical equipment in production and processing, and it has a wide range of uses. For example, construction and hydraulic work will use shears. The main function of shears is to cut steel materials. Because its work is very reliable, and it effectively improves work efficiency, it has been fully utilized in recent years.
    The company is a comprehensive supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, insisted on vigorously promoting new product research and development and technological improvement, and carried out continuous independent innovation and research and development in accordance with customer needs and industry development trends. With independent structural design and production process innovation capabilities, the core team has many years of experience in mechanical equipment and processing equipment R&D and design, and has mastered key technologies such as product design, large-scale machine processing technology, system integration, energy-saving, fast and efficient. It has the R&D and production capacity of high-end equipment such as scrap steel crushing production line, heavy-duty gantry steel scrap shearing machine, NKY81 large hydraulic metal baler. It is also a well-known backbone manufacturer of hydraulic balers and metal shears in China. It has a large brand influence in the recycling of renewable resources, scrap steel processing, material recycling, and environmental protection recycling industries; it has a high reputation among customers all over the world.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a professional shearing machine manufacturer. Welcome to visit our company website for consultation.

  • The cardboard Baler machine can pack various materials, such as waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, waste paper edges, waste paper edges, paper shells, old books, newspapers and other materials for recycling, compressing and packaging, all fluffy, difficult-to-transport materials, greatly reducing Labor, button-type operation is convenient and fast, the packs are neat and beautiful after packaging, the density is large, the floor space is reduced, the transportation cost is greatly reduced, and the economic benefit of the recycling station is improved. It is necessary equipment for recycling and reuse of various light industry enterprises such as enterprises, garment factories, waste materials recycling stations and so on. Automatically hang the chain to unload the package, which improves the work efficiency. The safety door is vertically raised and lowered, and the operation is convenient. The safety door does not close or the machine does not start. It is very safe. It is equipped with an emergency stop button and is installed separately. The location is eye-catching. Screws, where there is no power source, diesel engines can be used for power. There are many models from 15 tons to 50 tons for users to choose.

    The vertical waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery has a simple structure, small footprint, easy installation, and many models, which can be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to buy

  • The hydraulic packaging machinery produced by Nick Machinery mainly includes: waste paper hydraulic baler, carton hydraulic baler, paper shell baler, hydraulic baler, clothing hydraulic baler, straw hydraulic baler, straw hydraulic baler, straw hydraulic baler, Cotton hydraulic baler, plastic hydraulic baler, plastic bottle hydraulic baler, Coke bottle hydraulic baler, corn cob hydraulic baler, wool hydraulic baler, ton bag hydraulic baler, quilt hydraulic baler, metal hydraulic baler, etc. So where are its advantages, let's have a brief chat below:
    1. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
    2. Reduce the use and discharge of chemical raw materials, reduce pollution, and contribute to environmental protection.
    3. According to local conditions, the machine must be placed on the concrete steadily. Waste paper baler equipment has a low threshold, and the baler industry market is up and down. Small enterprises with small scale, weak core competitiveness and low technical level can be seen everywhere.

    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • 1. Simple and durable structure, convenient operation, affordable price, low investment and high return, it is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs!
    2. All models adopt hydraulic drive (or diesel drive);
    3. The pressure is large to ensure that the block is formed well, and the bag is automatically turned out in the way of side or front;
    4. Easy installation, no need to fix the feet, and diesel engine can be used as power in places where there is no power supply;
    5. There are ten grades of extrusion force from 63 tons to 400 tons for users to choose, and the production efficiency ranges from 5 tons per shift to 50 tons per shift;
    6. The size of the compression chamber, the shape and size of the bale block and the model size of the aluminum scrap baler can be customized according to user requirements.
    7. Scrap aluminum shavings baler is mainly used for lathe scraps, such as: steel shavings, wrought iron shavings, steel shavings, iron shavings to pack and shape.
    8. The material box is sturdy and durable, with reinforcing ribs on all sides, and the material box has a long service life.
    9. The production speed is fast. The machine adopts large-aperture manual reversing valve, which has large flow rate, high speed and no pressure attenuation.
    10. It can reduce the floor space of materials, facilitate stacking, loading and transportation, and easy to enter the furnace.

    If you need to deal with metal scraps, you can choose Nick Aluminum Chip Packing Machine, which is of high quality and low price, and prompt after-sales service. Welcome to buy. 

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