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  • Nick will answer for everyone below
    Answer: There are many different sizes of aluminum scrap baler. Generally, aluminum factories need different sizes such as 1.1*1.5m, 1.1*1.6m, 1.1*1.8m, 1.1*2.2m, 1.1*2.3m, etc., scrap aluminum baler The package size will be larger, the main reason is that it is convenient to load the car without losing tons. The upper and lower double cylinders have a pressure of more than 300 tons, and the hydraulic pressure automatically pushes the package out. The operation is simple and convenient, and the appearance is sturdy and durable.
    Packing pressure of 100 tons-400 tons of different grades, different models, different packing pressures
    What are the main applications of scrap aluminum baler?
    Answer: Let me first talk about which scraps are mainly packaged by the aluminum scrap baler. The aluminum scrap baler is mainly suitable for packaging scrap aluminum, including: discarded aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum basins, leftovers leftover after processing aluminum products in the factory, and life Various aluminum products, leftover materials from aluminum alloy processing in the automobile manufacturing process, and other waste aluminum materials of different specifications and sizes. The applications of aluminum scrap baler include: personal aluminum recycling stations, aluminum scrap smelters, aluminum profile manufacturers, automobile manufacturing and other different fields.
    How to fill the waste aluminum baler?
    Answer: The aluminum scrap baler first fills the bin, and fills various aluminum profiles or other scrap aluminum materials into the bin. There are two options for manual filling or mechanical filling. Although manual filling is time-consuming, the material in the bin is filled. The filling is more even, so that when the material pressing oil cylinder is pressing down, the material pressing oil cylinder can be effectively prevented from being damaged due to the uneven filling of the material. Mechanical packing is relatively time-saving, but sometimes phenomena such as uneven packing may occur. Pros and cons. The scrap aluminum baler operating in the current market generally chooses the manual filling method.
    What are the operating procedures of the scrap aluminum baler?
    Answer: The first step is packing. All kinds of waste aluminum materials are filled into the bin and placed evenly. The second step is to start the material pressing oil cylinder to squeeze the material downwards, and compress the waste aluminum material downwards into a large density, smaller upper and lower volume. The two processes of filling and pressing need to be repeated about 3-6 times to pack a piece of aluminum scrap. The third step is to open the front door and carry out the front and back packing. The front door is generally opened by hydraulic lifting method, which is more convenient and simple to operate, and the front door is more durable and not easily deformed. In the fourth step, after the bundling is completed, the bale is pushed out of the material box through the hydraulic cylinder of the back push bale. At this point, a complete aluminum scrap bale has been packaged. Workers use a forklift to directly move the bales away or load them directly into the truck.
    What problems should be paid attention to during the operation of the scrap aluminum baler:
    Answer: During the operation of the scrap aluminum baler, the packing must be uniform to prevent the pressure cylinder from being damaged by uneven force. Secondly, when pressing the material, pay attention to the workers not to extend their heads into the bin to avoid production safety hazards. The hydraulic system should be maintained daily, and good inspection and maintenance habits should be developed to better extend the service life of the equipment.

    In summary, the user basically understands all aspects of the Nick Baler aluminum scrap baler, so that it is more intuitive for the user to understand the use of the scrap aluminum baler, so that the user can use it more conveniently, worry-free, and create higher the value of.

  • The waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery is specially used for the recovery, compression and packaging of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose materials.
    Today, I will introduce to you the installation steps of the hydraulic pipeline of the waste paper baler:
    1. Between parallel or intersecting pipe systems, there should be a gap of more than 10mm for the hydraulic oil of the waste paper baler.

    2. The configuration of the pipeline must facilitate the installation and repair of pipelines, hydraulic valves and other components. Any section of the pipeline or components in the system should be freely disassembled and installed without affecting other components.

    3. How to install the pipeline? When planning and piping, you should first consider the components, hydraulic components, and flanges to be connected based on the hydraulic schematic diagram.
    4. The laying and direction of pipelines should be neat and common, with clear levels. Try to use horizontal or straight pipes. The non-parallelism of horizontal pipes should be ≤2/1000; the non-straightness of straight pipes should be ≤2/400, use a level gauge Detection.
    5. When piping, it is necessary to make the pipeline have certain rigidity and anti-vibration ability.
    6. The component of the pipeline should not be accepted by valves, pumps and other hydraulic components and accessories; nor should the pipeline support the heavier component component.
    7. For longer pipelines, it is necessary to consider effective measures to avoid the stress caused by the expansion and contraction of the pipe due to temperature changes.
    The series of waste paper balers produced by Nickel include: semi-automatic waste paper balers, automatic waste paper balers, horizontal waste paper balers, small vertical waste paper balers, etc., and can also be customized according to customers' intentions. , Nick’s product always has one suitable for you, you are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588,
  • 1. Manual baler
    Use manual-operated split-type tools, manual tensioner (STTMR) and manual buckle (STTR). Applicable industries: round or irregular flat packaging such as steel pipes, steel coils, wires, cutting slits
    Mode of operation: manual tensioner, used in conjunction with manual snap.
    Features: Use manual operation, sturdy and durable, easy maintenance.

    2. Fully automatic Baling machine
    Automatic baling machine is suitable for: food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries, suitable for carton packaging, paper packaging, parcel letter packaging, medicine box packaging, light industry packaging, hardware tools packaging, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaging , Packaging of daily necessities, packaging of cultural and sports supplies, packaging of equipment, etc.
    Features: Modular aluminum alloy bow design, easy to assemble and disassemble; fully automated design, more convenient operation and use; the maximum size of the bale is determined by the bow frame, the bow frame can be customized according to user needs; motor, reducer, cam 、 Tightening arm operation; excellent packing tightness, few failures, convenient maintenance; soft packing action, excellent durability, perfect packing function; the motor stops immediately after packing, saving power and practicality.

    3. Metal baler
    Applicable industries: steel, metal manufacturing, plywood, wood, electronics, logistics, etc.
    Operation mode: Manually tighten and cut the belt at one time. Easy to maintain, easy to enter and only replace a few parts. Damaged parts can be replaced by customers. Ergonomic design, good balance of the machine body, bandwidth and cutter can be adjusted arbitrarily.

    4. Packing and sealing machine
    Applicable: Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries, suitable for packaging and packing of various sizes of goods such as carton packaging, paper packaging, medicine box packaging, light industry packaging, daily chemical supplies packaging, etc.
    Features: With multiple protection devices, such as overload, phase loss, leakage, etc., to ensure the safe and normal use of equipment. The bundling machine adopts oil-free structure, which is easy to maintain and clean. The strapping machine adopts non-contact switch, the work is accurate and reliable, and the service life is long.

    5. Semi-automatic Baling machine
    Integrated circuit design: a new type of circuit design, which uses a plug-in circuit board to control the entire packing operation and the temperature of the scalding head. The circuit board replacement is very convenient. Instant heating, packing immediately: the first hot-melt design of the fast heating system, which can make the hot film work in 5 seconds and enter the best packing state. Automatic shutdown device, power saving and practical: When the packing operation is completed and no longer operates within 60 seconds, the motor will automatically stop and enter the standby state. New brake design: The brake of the machine's reel uses a special spring design to ensure that the belt enters smoothly and without noise.

    6. Hydraulic baler
    The hydraulic baler can squeeze various metal scraps (steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel and scrap car scrap, etc.) into qualified furnace materials of various shapes such as cube, octagon, cylinder, etc. Transportation and smelting costs can increase the furnace speed.

    7. Pneumatic baler
    Pneumatic baler is a friction welding type baler. The overlapping thermoplastic straps are joined by the heat generated by the frictional movement, so it is called "friction welding". The compressed air presses down the piston of the cylinder. The upper part of the piston and the vibrator is connected with the positioning pin, and the vibrator presses the overlapping part of the packing belt. There is an oval hole in the middle of the vibrator, which is connected to the eccentric shaft of the air motor. The air motor rotates at high speed (10000 rpm), which makes the vibrator move back and forth quickly. The lower part of the packing belt is fixed by the triangular teeth of the bottom mold, and the upper part is driven by the triangular teeth of the vibrator, which is violently rubbed. In this way, the overlapping part of the packing tape is overheated and welded, and when the vibration timer reaches the set time, the welding is ended. The upper and lower parts of the strap are glued while squeezed and allowed to stand for a few seconds to ensure that the fusion joint has cooled.
  • Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic films ,PET bottles, plastic pallets ,waste paper ,grass ,fiber ,used clothes ,cartons ,cardboards trims ,scrap ,etc .

    Full Horizontal Auto-tie Baler


    Bale size (mm)

    Bale weight(kg)






    3-5 T/H








































    30-35 T/H


    for more information ,please visit us :  or whatsapp us :+86 15021631102 

  • Rags wiper baler machine is a machine which is bale rags wiper for us. 
    We alway called wiper baler, wiper baling press machine or rags packing machine, and somebody call it wiper rags bagging baler machine or many other names. Wiper rags, can be said to be in every corner of our life, every detail of life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the guest room, it is also ubiquitous from the hotel, the family to the office. 
    which line use this machine ?
    this machine main for cleanning purpose ,Such universal necessities are not afraid of many, but they are rarely paid attention to. It is obvious that the main function of the cleaning cloth is to wipe the floor or table. Therefore, all the cotton, hemp and other fabrics used to wipe the objects can be called the more information ,please visit us

  • First of all, we should first select products according to the packaging effect and the size of the package. Besides, vertical balers and horizontal balers can finish packing. So what's the difference between vertical balers and horizontal balers? 
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